1. Sexiest sense

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    So I recently described men as 'visual animals' in a (pending) review and that has given me pause for thought.

    While I still think it's likely that most of the arousing stimuli I encounter, I take in with my eyes, I think smell must come a close second.

    I remember being at high school and the perfume of choice back in that day was Chloe Narcisse. Just smelling it took me to fumbly, darkened bedrooms in house parties when parents were away. Its sweetness and heaviness seemed to mimic and complement the powerful hormonal changes in girls in their late teens. It got to the point where catching it in the air would instantly arouse me. Until the point where my little sister started wearing it. That went wrong.

    Even nowadays, I can smell some scent that an ex-encounter may have worn and be immediately transported back to that time. It's thrilling.

    I love my wife. I think she's quite beautiful. But I love how she smells almost as much. Her clean skin. Her fresh sweat. Her worn clothes. The smell of her arousal. I drink it all in. Sometimes - not always but sometimes - I can smell when she's going to climax just before she does. I love it. And when I want to climax myself, I bury myself under her arms and fill myself with her pheremones.

    So, what would you say is your sexiest sense?

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    I will agree with this, smell is a powerful sense, mine is more a case of holiday memories, my OH would usually buy a new perfume either in the airport or on the plane so I catch a whiff of certain fragrances now takes me back to a particular holiday.its a nice feeling too when this happens.

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    For m it's smell!
    I can be walking down the street and a man will walk past wearing an aftershave and the smell will take me right back to a moment with a ex boyfriend. Usually those are good memories but sometimes it can bring back sad memories too.

    The smell of old spice always reminds me of my grandad who passed away when I was 9.

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    Smell is powerful, but I'd say my #2 after sight is definitely touch.

    Her smooth, soft skin, with firm muscly bits and slightly squidgier bits... And of course the wonderful feeling when I put my hand 'down there' and feel how wet she is... Mmmmm.

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    This is a really hard choice, because I can make a case for each and every sense and why it is the most powerful to me, but I think the one that just edges ahead, it would be sound.

    Nothing turns me on as much as hearing his moans/sighs/screams of pleasure/pain and I find my most intense climaxes come from hearing him communicate some naughty thought, fantasy or roleplay during the session.

    Of course, the truth is that when all the senses combine in the most perfect way, or are heightened by removing one or two, it is most intense. For example, although I rate sound as my top choice, it would be virtually useless without smell, touch and taste and sight added to the mix too! I guess that's the thing...sex is a very sensual act and the more senses involved and the stronger they are, the better! :D

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    I think that for me is smell. That is something to get me crazy. When my boyfriend wears a certain perfume he owns, it so turns me on. There are some fragrances that get my attention and sometimes I don't even know who's wearing it, if I feel it on the street.

    I would never go to bed with someone just because of the smell obviously, as it wouldn't be wise or doable, and I'm faithful to my darling. But the scent of some men really get me in the mood.

    I remember when I was younger and had violin classes and I had one teacher that always sported a wonderful scent and I was somewhat attracted to him because of that (just in a innocent way, not a sexual nor serious way). But when I changed professor, this new one had a fragrance mixture of classy tobacco, aftershave and the predominant note was the smell of violin wood and bow resin, it was so intense it made me a bit crazy. However he was my teacher, and obviously I always behaved. And I always made the distinction between the feelings the scents provoque in me and the reality, which are two separate things for me. I like to indulge in some fragrances but that does not mean that I want to have any kind of interaction with the person.

    But I can't help it, I just love it. Obviously I take the most of the other senses, like touch (it turns me so on to touch my boyfriend's shoulders, neckline bones and the end of the back bone - sorry, I don't know the name in English, during sex or even before, I'm mad about it) and others, but the smell is definitely my Achille's heel!

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    Obviously they're all important but for me the number one has to be sound . I love to hear the noises of sex , having dirty things whispered in my ear and all the general moaning and grunting . I get really turned on by the sound of my husband's voice talking me through a fantasy and if blindfolded it really intensifies the sense of hearing .
    Even with porn it's listening to the noises and whispered dirty talk that arouses me the most.

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    Definitely a difficult choice! I can't decide between sight, smell, and touch :-/ I think they are all just as important as each other to me. If I absolutely had to choose one over the others it would probably be touch I think.

    OUCH! Thank you ;) [sign in to see picture]
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    I find sound is a powerful turn on for me. Those few whispered words that let me know the OH is in the mood for something sensual or the commanding bark that tells me he wants me on my knees and obeying really helps get me in the zone for whatever it is that's coming.

    Once play starts, the sound of a cane swishing through the air and cracking on my skin, my OH's satisfied grunts and growls, the slap of skin on skin and the squishy racket of penetration all spike my arousal faster than anything visual can, which is a good job cause I'm usually blindfolded. Sound is also my favourite part of giving the OH oral.

    While the Oh does, I don't really get off on watching porn at all, but I do squirm listening to it. Not those ridiculous ones where the female starts to howl like a dog in the rain the second someone looks at her clit, but the more realistic ones.

    After sound I think taste would be next best. I love the taste of the OH's skin, especially the salty tang of fresh sweat during a long session or the different tastes those tea towel around the eyes kitchen moments have to offer.

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    Mine's definitely touch.The way you get touched tells everything you need to know.

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    I don't get much joy from the visual, for me it's touch, smell and taste that take the lead. If a man smells bad to me I can't get in the mood no matter what he does. Biochemically the scent of your partner is a key part of arousal as a predictor of fertility, health and compatibility.

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    Sound is a massive turn on for me- just listening to my guy out of breath or about to come is incredible. Music also has a profound effect on me- certain filthy songs put me straight into "the mood" and I've even been known to come in response to a rising note in a song!

    Although thinking about it, I'm pretty into smell too ;-)

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