1. Do you have a secret fetish you haven't shared with your OH?

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    Young and fun95 wrote:

    Mariedscot I'm in exactly the same situation, I'm bigender and have never had the conservation in full with OH but mentioned bits and bobs and from how I dress and behave he's figured it out, he just doesn't know how to talk about. He even calls me his boyfriend sometimes.

    Sometimes you don't need words, it's just understood.

    Ha- the opposite to what I just said!

    I guess it depends on the situation and the people. I just know that him not talking about it completely led to me thinking things were a lot more extreme then they actually were- so be careful!

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    SR36 wrote:

    Have a little faith- if you and your partner have a good relationship then it's likely they'll want to indulge you in your fetish.

    Unless it's something completely bizarre like wanting to say I love you before marriage. Sleeping together, great. Hitting each other, fantastic. Love, forget it.

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    I have had lots of 'secret' fetishes and until recently never had the courage to reveal any of them to my OH in case she thought I was weird and that it would change the way she feels about me.

    In the last couple of years though I have revealed some of them, hinting at first and then talking about them outright. She has just taken them in her stride, some she liked, some she would try once and others she isn't interested in at all - but she's never judged me for having them and I should have had more faith in her that after 17 years together she would be understanding.

    I have to say none of my fetishes are particularly extreme, involve pain or anything illeagal, I guess they are all probably pretty adverage middle aged man ones, but as she wasn't very experienced when we met I did hesitate for many years before I mentioned anything that wasn't completely vanilla.

    It's been this exploration of, mostly my, fantisies that has led us to LH and the creation of our toy drawer.

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