1. A Happy Hello again, update, and more questions!

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    Hello all! I cannot thank you enough for previous help (very nervous second date, and post orgasmic withdrawal symptoms!)

    so I've been with this guy for a few weeks now, the sex has been bloody awesome (if a bit vanilla) - I get the distinct feeling he can be pretty kinky but I'm not sure how to bring it up as a topic of conversation. I can deal with gentle vanilla for a while but I'm not really a vanilla girl at all at heart. I'm also naturally quite submissive and again, I don't know if and how to bring this kind of thing up (pun not intended ;-) )

    next question, do/can you have sex during your period? He says it doesn't bother him but it's not something I've done before. The thing that bothers me is the thought of all the cleaning afterwards!! Any hints and tips?

    and... (This is embarrassing) ... I've only given a BJ once and got some advice from this forum when I was with the ex. I really really want to do it with my lovely new man but he's bloody enormous! I'm not complaining, seriously, but I'm afraid I'd suffocate :-/ Again, advice is most welcome!

    Thank you xoxox :-)

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    Start with little things that you like. Don't just come out with " I want you tie me down and whip me" even if he does like it. Start with, hair pulling, choking, spanking, small restraints. Then build up form there. And don't make a big deal when he says no to something cause it'll make it harder to introduce different things.

    i always have sex during my period, OH isn't bothered, just if he gets anything on him wipes it, if he goes down and it's not quite perfect he'll wipe it, or I will wash before but sometimes your body likes to time things just wrong. If you're comfortable with him it'll be fine. It's not like a scene from saw, there's really not a lot lol

    For a blow job use your hand, a twisting motion up and down works for me, focus your mouth on the head and balls, you can try and deep throat slowly but don't force yourself

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    1) I would maybe see if you can slot it into conversation at first to get a hint of how receptive he will be to kinkier sex. Maybe mention something about 50 shades of grey and see if you can steer the conversation that way, but do not worry about it if you just have to bring it up out the blue, just tel him you want to talk about your sex life. Gather a teeny bit of dutch courage and tell him that you want kinky sex, if he truly cares for and respects you he may be a little shocked but he shouldn't laugh or judge you for it.

    2) sex during your period is an"each to their own" thing.

    I have done it before and the only problems have been the mess really, so towels down on the bed under you. The mess is less if you have recently taken a tampon out or had a bath or some people use a diaphragm which acts as a mooncup. Sometimes if i have sex on my period i will run a quick bath before hand and use a little dildo on myself before the sex to try and clean myself out up there. (sorry about the vivid imagary here). Some people say it is really good for helping with cramping etc.

    3)with a bigger guy i would go slowly, lick and suck the top of him and if you want to go further just go slowly and stop if it gets uncomfortable. You can always use a hand at the base of his penis to help by using your hand on the base then just sucking or licking the tip.

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    Give him beer and ask him what e would like to do too you. Then tell him what you would like him to do to you.
    I've always found those conversations easier with the gentle encouragement of alcohol. Then if he seems shocked you can at least say your where drunk lol.

    As for sex during your period. Each to there own. My hubby is all for it but I personally hate it. I find after day three it's not too messy but again that depends on everyone's normally cycle and flow. Doing it in the shower is handy because you can't really see the blood x

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    Thank you! I have a vague memory of shouting 'pull my hair!' Last time and he seemed happy enough to go with it (too gently though!) - I guess I need to grow some patience and give it time :-)

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    During bus when I take him deep into my mouth I run my tongue over the top of him, like a fluid movement in going up and down lol

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    I;ve never been bothered much by sex on my period but neither have the guys I've been with, so I've been quite lucky there. I used to try and time a wee before so I can go and have a quick wipe around and do a bit of damage control but even when I couldn't, it isn't like there is buckets :)

    After I broke up with a guy I had been with for ages I gave a BJ to a guy with a substaintially larger penis, and had to improvise! I'd agree with the others who say use your hand at the base, I moved it along with my mouth as a kind of extension, so I didn't have to choke myself! I also found if I made him lie down and leaned over/sat on them I could control them thrusting too much as that caught me out a couple of times, there is only so much room in my mouth!

    As with the kiny side, perhaps something like "so if I asked you to X, how would you feel?" with a cheeky smile, and perhaps mix it up with things like "cook dinner for me" and "run down the road naked for me" just to show not everything in the conversation has to be a yes, kind of takes the pressure off a bit so if there is a no in there you can roll onto the next thing :)

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    Thanks all :-)

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    pinkanimal wrote:

    During bus when I take him deep into my mouth I run my tongue over the top of him, like a fluid movement in going up and down lol

    Careful pink, you can be arrested for that sort of thing!

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    You may be sub, but try something like wrestling him and I suspect you will lose (as you intended all along...)

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