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  1. One For The Girls (Period question)

    Jammiedodger24 [sign in to see picture]
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    This is a bit strange and not really sure what's going on, This is gross so I do apologize in advance. I am really nervous about posting this as didn't really want to but need some help or advice please!

    i have been off of the pill for over a year now and am trying to get pregnant. I have struggled as my periods have never been regular :/ sometimes I come on every month other time I can go as long as 3-4 months without a period.

    this month will be my 2 month of no period once again. I have taken so many pregnancy tests over the last year some expensive brands but because it's been such a long process I now just use the pregnancy strips like the ones you get from the doctors.

    for the last 2-3 weeks when I go for a wee I get dark stringy blood when I wipe. But when I put on a sanatury towel there's nothing... :/ I'm not sure what's going on I have tried for so long to get pregnant I haven't been to the doctors for a few months they told me to come back after I've been trying to conceive for a year. I have made a doctors appointment for next week. Doctors have already checked my bloods, sugar levels, thrpuroid and everything else to see if there is anything likely to be stooping me from becoming pregnant but all tests came back fine. i took another test today and it said negative. I have also been using ovulation tests to help increase my chance. Any ideas on why I have no period but am getting this horrible dark stuff when I go to the loo? Sorry guys and thanks for reading!!

    Jammiedodger24 [sign in to see picture]
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    Sorry there are a few spelling mistakes but the curser wouldn't let me move back and correct it!

    i should also add that I have felt very bloated for a long time now and feel a bit sicky now and then..

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    Hey :) I have three children and for all of them pregnancy tests showed negative, cheap ones, doctors one and expensive ones... The only thing that confirmed my pregnancy was blood tests to check my hcg levels.. I also I did notice when we trying to conceive nothings was happening when I was around all those tests and if I rem correctly I was actually diagnosed with a phantom pregnancy at one point... My doc sd it was down to how much I was stressing and just to relax.. And it would happen... In relation to the discharge u have it could possibly be ur body getting back to normal after the pill but it's best to ask ur doc bout it in case it's something else.. The best advice I can give is, chilli out and relax and enjoy the experience, I know this sounds easier than sd, but let ur body do what it's spose to do and the rest will fall into place... And remember to enjoy the experience, better chance of conceiving when ur not trying to :) best of luck, hope I helped a bit x

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    That probably is your period, just not quite up to speed yet after coming off the pill. Light spotting, they call it, which is bollocks. I had it. It was actually to do with damaged cells around my cervix from being on the pill and implant. Maybe get it checked out just so you know where the bleeding is from.
    Cheap pregnancy test strips are just as effective as expensive ones too, so it's unlikely it's a failed test.

    Have you talked to your doctor about PCOS? That can caise fertility problems that make it hard to conceive, including hyperovulation which leads to you being on your period a LOT and so next to impossible to conceive. It matches the symptoms you have.

    Secondly, have you checked your partners up to scratch in the fertility department? It might not be you thats the issue here.

    If your GP is being less than helpful, ask to be referred to a fertility specialist. There you can talk about IVF and other such lovelies.
    Things you can do at home wise, theres an app called MenCalc (i think) that tracks your cycle and can be set to help you conceive also. Ive never used it but heard its really good. Otherwise, just have lots of sex.

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    Could be that your body hasn't settled down yet after being on the pill and you are experiencing spotting because of that? It can take your body a long time to get back to normal, a lot longer than they tell you at he doctor. Just a guess, since I know myself the pill messes my body up big time and have read about others experiences. There are any amount of things it could be, from deep penetration irritating your cervix to something like polycystic ovaries or endometriosis (just when you mention the bloating). Hopefully your doctor can put your mind at ease and help get the ball rolling with conceiving. Good luck for your appointment!


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    Hi, I just wanted to say that the doctors pregnancy tests, the cheap tests (like from poundland) and the expensive test are all the same. The thing you need to look for is the sensitivity.

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    I agree with what everyone else has said so far and would also like to suggest that it might be urinary related,as it's only when you go to pee.Hope you get it sorted soon. xx

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    Yeah I agree with most people here, your body is going to take a while to get back to normal after being on any contraceptive. I have a friend from work who confided in me that after she came off the pill (during which she used to have no periods whatsoever) that she started having little period accidents and it frustrated her no end because she could never know when to expect them! I know gloopy, thick discharge means you are ovulating (I think) and that is the time when you are most fertile but gloopy lumpy period blood is just the lining from your uterus coming out, ergo nothing to worry about, it;s perfectly normal.

    I would try not to stress too much on getting pregnant as worrying will make it less likely happen! I know it's easier said than done but I hope it happens for you soon hun! x

    Jammiedodger24 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank You everyone for your input, much appreciated!! :)

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    I found out I suffered from PCOS when I was 16 at 18 I was having bad pains in my ovary area so I went for a scan that showed I had over 30 cysts on each of my ovaries and after blood tests every day for 2 months to track my hormone levels I was told the chances of getting pregnant naturally was near impossible. Me and my then fiancee started trying and like you went through so many tests I ended up using the same ones the doctor uses and ovulation tests too. We split after 5 years as it was hard on both of us. I had tried fertility drugs which did nothing. When I met my daughters dad I just thought me having kids of my own wouldnt happen so I just had fun with his kids and never thought I would need any contraception and 5 months I to the relationship I was pregnant. So even when your told it wont happen your body will surprise you. My advice is to relax and dont test. I know how hard it is to stop testing especially when your body is giving you signs. Good luck with your appointment

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    Hi, i agreewith notstressing over getting pregnant. A few years ago i got pregnant because i miscalculated, it took one time! Sadly it wasnt meant to be as i miscarried. When me and oh were really ready, we started trying, thinking and joking that with my fertility we will be expecting in no time. How wrong were we! It took 7 momths, i think because i was too hell bent on getting pregnant. I know a couple whohave been told they cant have children, they adopted twins and enjoyed their life to find out that once they let go of trying, a miracle happened and along came their son. Menstrual cycles and duch things aside, the body does what it wants anyway at best of times. Get things checked out with a specialist and providing everything is fine, relax xx

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