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  1. Emotional after sex

    c00kie [sign in to see picture]
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    I just basically wanted to mention it. I've heard one or two people talk about crying after an orgasm or something along those lines. But i never experienced something like that before until last sunday.
    i was blindfolded and me and my OH had fantastic sex which ended with us climaxing together. when i took off my blindfold few moments later i just got overwhelmed by how happy i was to see my OH and how much i love him, and i actually started crying a little. I weren't sure why this happened, i was a little confused and embarressed but he actually thought it was sweet.
    Has anyone else here experienced something like this after sex? i hope i'm not the only one and this sounds crazy and stupid lol.

    SR36 [sign in to see picture]
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    Why would it sound crazy and stupid?! Don't be silly!

    I've had this twice properly- but during sex rather than after. The first time I was in a pretty passionate fling with this guy- totally wrong and not destined to go anywhere, but dangerous and physical as hell! We got along really really well and cared for each other very much, and were having sex with him sat upright and me astride him, looking into each other's eyes. Suddenly it got really emotionally intense and it felt like an incredibly deep connection had opened between us- there is no other way to describe it. I don't think I'll ever forget how it felt either- it was so strong.

    I didn't feel like this again until recently with my current guy. Again, it was one of our more vanilla momements and there was a lot of eye contact, and it just felt so deep and pure- it still makes my stomach flip when remembering it.

    I guess the thing in common is the eye contact? And the fact that you were blindfolded and then could suddenly look into his eyes- maybe it all came up on you in a rush? Just a thought- but then maybe I'm being crazy and stupid ;-)

    PrincessSparkle [sign in to see picture]
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    It's not crazy or stupid at all.

    It's a natural, and in a way healthy, emotional response, due to the brains pain and pleasure centres being linked.
    It happens to me sometimes: we'll be pushing for me to come repeatedly, and eventually it's so intense I'll start crying as I orgasm. *shrugs*
    It happens, I guess, and your partner should hold you and support you through it.

    MissNoir [sign in to see picture]
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    There's nothing silly about it! ^_^

    I remember my oh & myself had amazing sex & it wasn't until I went home the next day that I got emotional, after messaging him, I suddenly felt overwhelmed, had flashbacks of the night before & burst into tears. Personally, I think that was the first time I realised how strong my feelings were for him. Since then sex just gets better, let out your emotions, it's healthy, certainly not silly, it shows you're only human ^_^ x

    Young and fun95 [sign in to see picture]
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    I've cried a few times after incredible sex OH sees it as a compliment I think lol

    MrsMuffin [sign in to see picture]
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    I've cried a few times after sex with my husband, I think he is finally accepting that I'm not sad or upset in any way.just emotional in a good way. It doesnt happen often but when it does i feel so connected, loved and close to him and he just holds me until it passes.
    It does unnerve him a bit and he used to look very concerned the first few times.

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