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  1. Looking for statistics

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    I was looking for statistics on anal sex today so see what percentage of people engage in regular anal. The most recent data I could find was a few years old already and showed an increasing trend over the years with quite a high number of the people surveyed admitting to have had anal sex (around 45% of straight men and 40% of straigh woman) which was quite a surprise to but then again the numbers are only representative of the surveyed group!

    With that in mind though, does anyone know what the UK numbers would be and also what percentage of the population enjoy regular pegging?

    The numbers would help to dispell some beliefs that anal sex is uncommon and only practiced by those of us considered by some to be a little on the kinky side.

    I'm looking forward to your comments.

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    I think it's one of those things that is never gonna have a definitive answer you're hoping for. On lovehoney people are much more likely to admit to it, but i think being regular users of sex toys/aids they're more comfortable with their sex life and more likely to give in to their curiosities and try things. no study will ever be completely accurate as it is inevitably a small group asked realative to the population, i think the 45% 40% is probably the best you're going to get.

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    It's always 80/20 or there abouts

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    Sum Sub wrote:

    It's always 80/20 or there abouts

    nah, its 70/30

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