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  1. How many fingers?

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    HornyTom would love to try this you have just got me so turned on lol wrote:

    An ex, addored the feeling of being full up. Taking a full fist was mentally mind blowing and physically astonishing. She always had orgasm after orgasm doing this.

    I'd first gently go down on her, but making sure she didn't climax, then slowly push all my fingers inside her, one after the other, untill they were all inside and my thumb tucked underneath, with my knuckles pressed against her open pussy.

    wow I'd love to give this ago you have just got me so turned on lol

    The anticipation at this point was extremely intense for both parties.

    I always made sure my hand and her pussy were soaking and covered in lube. We found KY was best and you couldn't have too much of it. It's also handy to have a towel under her bum,because the lube and juices, could go everywhere.

    Once she was ready and relaxed, I'd push, in one smooth motion, slightly twitsing as my hand went all the way in was the best way to get past the knuckles and clenching my hand inside during the same movement to make a fist, so the top of my hand was against the top of her pussy.

    Once fully in, so her pussy lips were around my wrist, slowly twisting and gently pushing inside her pussy, in small gradual smooth movements would send her into extasy.I could push and twist a little faster once she was really warmed up and ready. Sucking and licking her clit, or gently resting a vibrator on it, was incredible. She was always left totally satisfied, shaking and physically and mentally blown away.

    If the sound of this floats your boat, definately try to get past the knuckles and relax, the rewards are fabulous and well worth the effort.

    For ladies worried about their little lady parts stretching, it always went back, looked perfect and also seemed to get tighter aswell, so definaltely a very intimate experience, which I can't recommend enough to share with one and other.

    Go for it with plenty of lube and patience !

    Good luck.x

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    Sounds pretty amazing HornyTom but as my OH has very big hands I think I'll pass.

    The last time I had a hand in there was the midwife checking me during labour and that reminded me of a scene from James Herriot's All creatures great and small and felt very painful. Not an experience I wish to repeat in a hurry again at all.

    To be honest I don't usually enjoy having any fingers in there as I usually find them too hard and uncomfortable, unless they are my own ;)

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    Double post.
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    2/3 fingers is enough for me, my cervix and bladder are sensitive, each to their own.

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