1. Dirty weekend away

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    We are having a dirty 1 night away soon and we are planning our 24hrs of debauchery.

    We are writing a list each of things we want to do and just wondered if you have any suggestions for us.

    So far we have :-

    Massage each other

    Both have butt plug in

    Video blow job close up

    Talk dirty & dominate him

    Tie her up blindfold & tease

    Both dress in leather/pvc

    Fully shave ourselves

    Tie him up & watch her

    Tie him up blind folded and play with herself infront of him & all He can do is listen


    Both do a solo video without each other present

    watch some porn together

    Also if you have any lovehoney purchase tips please share. (We have lube plugs vibes rings)

    DavidB1986 [sign in to see picture]
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    I know you're writing these things down, but have you considered any of the games that Lovehoney stock?


    There's lots of little card games that have dares and lots of great foreplay suggestions.

    Wildcherry [sign in to see picture]
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    Seconding what David has said, there are a few games right now in the 3 for £50 (i've heared Monogamy is very good fun) -


    But you could also get a Clone-A-Willy kit, which are an amazing laugh too and also in the 3 for £50


    Other than that there are loads of roleplay ideas with a naughty strip tease being the easiest as all you need is some sex lingerie and then there is always blind-fold sensory play with ice/candles or food fun.

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    Thats a long list haha have a good time, if you have a balcony maybe go outside thrill of someone might see ;)

    Hopelessly Horny [sign in to see picture]
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    No tips as such you have plenty to go at literally and figuratively 😉 Just enjoy the weekend and each other

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    Order room service while one of you is tied up! Make sure the door opens just wide enough..,

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    Fully shave ourselves !

    maybe change that to each other ?

    be brave

    or be mad and use a cut throat razor ?

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    Hi i would suggest getting a nice creamy gateux then getting your oh to sit in it naked then rub it all over (amazing) or you can use trifle or custard Love it !


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    Buy some nice lingerie and give him the camera with a new card in it . You model all your purchases and then ask him how he wants you to pose. A bit of roll play model and photographer see how far you get.

    What ever you choose have Great weekend.

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