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  1. at the brink of climax

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    With g spot stimulation she may be feeling a really really strong urge to pee and it can be quite embarrassing to admit to someone that you want to stop due the fear that you might wee yourself. I personally hate having my g spot stimulated due to the needing to pee feeling even though I know I shouldn't have to pee as I always go beforehand. The female body tis a weird but wonderful thing!

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    @curiousme - kudos to you that you're here, trying to find out all you can, so that both you and your girl can be confident and happy together. There are so few like you around and if you're as good to her in other ways as you are in the bedroom, then I hope she appreciates what she has and that you both have a long and happy life together.

    My ex was the first - and up until now, only - woman I'd ever 'been' with (I was her third, although sometimes, you wouldn't know it!) and in my inexperience, I thought making her cum every time we're intimate together was what she wanted and needed, but sometimes, she just enjoyed the pleasure of being close and touched, although I thought it was a bit unfair, since I had cum and felt a little guilty that it might be too one-way.

    I wish I were like you, tbh; that I spent longer exploring her and finding out between us what we both enjoyed, for although she had a couple more partners than me, she didn't seem to know much about herself; I don't think she ever masturbated and only wanted to cum while I was inside her and in bed, wouldn't communicate much.

    So it's refreshing to read that you're both being patient and just exploring and that you want to make her feel good, without wanting her to feel pressured.

    I don't know who you are, but you seem to be a prince among men. All the very best to you both. 🙌

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