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    I'd like a good massage 'oil' that's water-based/condom-friendly.

    And yes, I am too lazy to search for myself. :p

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    Got everything I need I think now, bought a nice bath melt so I can run a nice warm bath, pour her some wine. Then I have a massage candle that I'll light in the bedroom ready for after her bath. I have a nice little blind fold tie too :) hope she likes

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    DavidB1986 wrote:

    Earthly Body/Swoon/Lelo oils are all firm favourites in our bedroom.

    It's not just about the oils - it's the setting - candles, soft music, the scents...

    Yes, yes and yes. Earthly body massage oils and candles and amazing. I particularly love guavalava. They don't leave a nasty residue on the skin and make a massage 100% better.
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    Definitely makes all the difference!

    For massage we use a blend of Coconut and hazelnut oil, just simply because we use this as moisturizer instead of traditional creams.

    It is nice and slick to apply and is completely natural.

    Although it is unscented so does nto add to the relaxation atmosphere, this can easily be overcome with some scented candles.

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    Viscosity is the key for me , slippery and sexy or a little more friction for relaxation and muscle manipulation to destress. .All great advice given but like a lot of things it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    For me Sliquid silver lube is an amazing slippery low friction lube but pure organic raw coconut oil is a great relaxation, moisturizing and aromatherapy oil.

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    Id say the fifty shades collection is the best by far. Silky smooth, and the smell is to die for

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