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  1. Starting Role play

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    Over the years there have been a number of threads on role playing and I'm sure people have talked about this in the past but can't see anything focussed on my issue ...

    Friday afternoon, out of the blue I got a text from my partner suggesting we try role playing. Send back my surprise and asked what she had in mind. One of her suggestions was meeting as strangers in a bar which I thought could be me checked into a hotel and meeting at the bar.

    There were also suggestions of doctor and patient, etc but I don't know how to start. Obviously we would each need to get dressed up for those, how does one then switch to being 'in-character' without quickly breaking into laughter?



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    There is no guarantee that you want fall about laughing, it's fine sex should be fun it's all normal just go with the flow.

    A suggestion, we've enjoyed a couple of times model and photographer.

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    I guess you are right (I will just need to prepare her for my potential breakdown).

    I think the photographer and model might go down well, we could both take turns on different nights, I only worry that she is a little sensitive about a skin condition but maybe this will also add to her confidence about that as well.

    For me the (mental) issue is that initial switching into the role, in the few plays I have performed in I knew I was preforming a role for an audience rather than trying to pretend to live a different life.

    I guess we try it and see but will definitely suggest the photo shoot idea, thanks.

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    Just go with the idea and play it as it comes enjoy it laugh have fun relax doesn't matter how it gets to the end as long as you enjoy it x

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