1. Women getting wet before sex

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    Tbh..... I don't recall being wet with the anticipation of sex before I got married... Or even with my ex... But I can certainly vouch for it now I am single again!
    A few sexting sessions and intimate encounters after I made that mental decision I am offically no longer married has opened my eyes to this phenomenon.
    Older women can and do get seriously aroused, and I find it a huge turn on to know I'm turned on...43 and still alive!😉😇

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    I have a very very high sex drive. Reading/thinking erotic things makes me wet. As does kissing my OH, generally touching my other half and feeling his reaction and taking him in my mouth makes me soaking (sorry tmi!)

    This morning he demanded I get to my knees and his quote when I asked why 'because if you weren't as wet as I know you are I would be going now on you' so he even knows now before he's touched me!

    With regards to cycles affecting it etc, I don't have monthly cycles so that doesn't make any difference to me what so ever :)

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    It's not totally fictional, but for me it's not typical either. Often I have just enough foreplay to have sex comfortably, or use lube, but one time my BF dragged it out for sooo long teasing me with me standing up leaning over the bed, and that time it was down to my knees. When I closed and opened my legs it just stretched like a bubble as well... I was totally embarassed and a little grossed out but he was very pleased with himself!

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    I thought I might add to this ive never been to the point its dripping down my leg ... but depending on who and what we doing and what mental state im in ive become very very wet... but I have a thing for hygiene n have since early teens I wear pantiliners so I guess if I got that wet that would save me... Other times ill be turned on but not that wet x


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    I find the more I have sex the more wet I'll get. Sometimes I can wake up in the morning and be dripping a little (sorry if that too much detail)
    So I guess it's more then possible.

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    This does happen with me, like there are times where you would think I've come over and over lol. And Def don't need lube! But a lot of that is down to how horny I am and how comfortable I am with my partner.

    I haven't experienced the "running down my leg" but I've certainly experienced needing to change my undies before getting into bed lol

    Also I vary on where I am on my cycle too :)

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    I'd echo the observations about cycles above. I usually find I'm very very dry for at least four or five days after my period, even when mentally aroused, but get wet and often very wet quite quickly around the time when I suppose I'm ovulating, about a fortnight later. I also find I smell slightly different at particular times - stronger or weaker, depending.

    I've also never found I was so wet it actually ran down my leg, but very occasionally when I've become extremely aroused before undressing I've found when I take off my knicker that they've got pretty damp.

    It does vary from woman to woman. My ex - a female partner - only ever got wet when we'd actually started making love.


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    KeptLocked wrote:

    I think I probably already know the answer to this but I'm going to ask anyway.

    When ever you read erotic fiction it has the heroine with soaking wet knickers at just the thought of what's about to come (or should that be cum!).

    Now my OH can get pretty damp down there but nothing like the fantasies make out.....so it is only fantasy or do some women really soak their knickers before they've done the deed?

    I think its a little poetic erotic writting license. After all how erotic would it be if you read" she pulled down his pants and he was totally soft with desire".

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    I can get extremely wet and completely soak my underwear at times. It depends usually on the time of the montly circle. I am generally most likely to get extremely wet before or during menstruation. And I am talking about it dripping down my legs if I would not have panties on.

    I actually bit find it annoying, because it means less sensations during the play and I actually had to go and remove some of it to be able to enjoy the play.

    Just round ovulation, I get horny, but I am not as likely to get this wet.

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    Jazzam wrote:

    I'm on the fence with this one. In extremely rare circumstances (like a handful of times in my life) I have gotten so wet I would want to change my undies before we actually go to have sex >.<
    But it's a stupidly rare things that happens, and certainly the books make it out to be much more than what is normal even for high arousal in most people...

    absolutely agree with this post. Exact same.story here!!
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    We always need to use some lube so no wet knickers, I once knew a girl who got soaking, running over my hand and all over her jeans,when we played together, that was So long ago!

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    If it's pretty steamy before hand I've been known to be pretty wet but I wouldn't say that my knickers are drenched everytime!

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    Everyone's different. I personally do get very wet, and have on quite a few occassions literally been dripping wet. I soak my underwear a LOT. It just depends on each individual woman.

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    me and my wife have are still in love after 10 years she still gets so wet n me hard for her she does flow lots and we love it

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    Personally I've found it varies for me! If I haven't seen my partner for a few weeks or so, I'm absolutely soaked after one kiss! If we've been seein each other fairly frequently it can take a little longer, like when I've just woken up etc.

    It will also vary or me with duration of foreplay, more teasing means more time for it to build up! I have had one instance of being so wet that it ran down my partner's hand (I was standing up) but this was after the pants had been removed!

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