1. Taking toys on holiday

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    Me and my husband took some toys to America i was a nervous wreck going through airport incase they wanted to look in case lol that is just me thou, i wrapped our stuff in towels

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    I've never had any issues with taking toys on holiday with me, I usually put them in a zip up travel bag, but if you're worried about your bag having to be searched, invest in a decent lock to put on it. (But always remember, no lock will stop security from checking if they really want to!)

    Also don't forget to take batteries out of toys which require them, to avoid your suitcase vibrating it's way though luggage collection when you land. I've only ever had one problem and that was to do with taking batteries onto the plane with me, I'm not sure if that still applies, I know different airports have different regulations on batteries etc so make sure you check their website to see what is aloud in hand luggage and what isn't.

    Trust me, a friend of mine used to work for airport security and sex toys are a daily accourance for them, don't be embarressed to take your toys with you!

    and overall, enjoy your holiday!!

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    I ALWAYS put sex toys and lube in the case. I had my hand luggage searched a few years ago and found it to be a bit intimidating and very embarrassing. To make matters worse we were late for our flight and nearlly missed it. . Thank god the kids were grown up and not with us. I wasn't happy with her picking my rabbit up and holding it up for the entire airport to see. If you say anything to airport staff they can make your life a hell, or that's how i find it to be.

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