1. The joys of cuming in your partner

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    jay2010 wrote:

    My OH and I have been together years and she was on the pill till couple months ago and the feeling of cumming inside her was just intense. Being so close to someone at that moment felt soo good.

    She is off the pill now and condoms don't suit as so doing the pulling out manouvere now which aint the safest method.

    Emma - I never heard on contraceptive patch - would you mind explainin?


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    thanks MM :)

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    Im so jealous of you all. getting your partners cum inside.

    Ive always relied on the pill came off the pill in May just before i had mu OP i will go back on it, i also had the coil years ago, it was a nightmare. my periods were very heavy and painful. so now its just condoms now and then with OH as they make me horny.

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    personally i don't like him cumming anywhere other than inside me, lets just say last time he tried to cum on my tits, it was so fast it ricocheted(how the hell do you spell that???) off and went straight in my eye......ouchies.....plus its just messy. That and the fact i loooove the feeling of him cumming in me :)

    I have used condoms once, it was awful, he looked bored, he kept poking me in less than comfortable places, so we gave up, fact is i am on the pill (i know it ain't 100%), i only have sex with one guy and we're both clean so no STI worry and well, we've had 'the talk' about what we would do if i got prego and i reckon we'd be ok. I want babies with him in the future anyway.....

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    I love cumming inside my wifey, but am rarely allowed to, due to the "mess" it creates. Sex feels so much better with proper skin to skin touch. That hot and wet feeling is something you lose with condoms.

    Double protection pill and condoms for us


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    Yes just love the pulsing of cum as it enters my oh holes, she squirms with delight too

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    My girlfriend was on the pill for the first year we were together, but for the last year or so she's been off because it was giving her problems. It's condoms all the way, now. I'm too paranoid to rely just on pulling out. I don't want to ruin sex by worrying she might get preggers.

    Anyway, it definately feels better without condoms for me, but on the other hand the decreased sensation means I last quite a bit longer. It's a bit more hassle having to rummage around for a condom and put it on, but again on the other hand cleaning up afterwards is easier.

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