1. The joys of cuming in your partner

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    hornyteen yes

    Cerazette completely abolished my PMS my moods were so bad I would lock myself away for 4 days and I have been on it a good few months now and the longer I have been on it the more effective it has been. Also it has completely stopped my periods, apart from the odd bit of spotting.I know what you mean about the coming together, I am like that too, soon as I feel the hot rush of come inside me it often just topples me over the edge.

    I'm not in a position to get pregnant ever again and so It has been my little helper and I hope you will consider it



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    PPB is right about Cerazette. Ever since starting it I have had about 3 periods (been on it for 2 years). My moods when I was adjusting to it was bit funny but expected.

    I really enjoy the feeling of my guy cumming inside me. Bit unsure why but makes me feel bit warm and fuzzy

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    Thanks PPB and miss fortune, I will deffitionalty (sp?) talk to my doctor about that :) x

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    I was surprised so many of you have had failures with the Pill - my wife was on it for years and we never had a problem. When she came off it we realised only then what a depressive effect it had had on her sex drive! I've had the snip - so now we don't need contraception of any sort ... and it's bloody fantastic!!!!

    It's a small op I thoroughly recommend

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    My wife has NEVER let me come on her - only when she was giving me a rather wonderful titwank did I come on her - and wasn't entriely planned!!!

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    We used condoms for about 7 years. In that time we had two condom 'episodes' (one split, one vanished) and as a result we have two kids. I went to the vet a couple of years ago and got myself done and it has been much better in terms of feel and spontenaiety.

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    I have 2 children and my partner has 1 from our previous relationships and due to health problems, my only option is the mini pill. I have such a bd memory and to solve this I take my pill around with my in my bag(so its always there no matter what) and have an alarm on my phone. Have been taking my pill for the past 4 months now and nave not missed a day (woohoo). This obviously enables my partner and I to enjoy the most fantastic sensations of him coming inside me and him being able to feel just how wet and excited I get. I only feel safe doing this though (well as safe as I can get plus crossing my fingers) knowing im on the pill.

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    Have only ever used barrier contraceptives with my OH first few times until we'd checked each other out, in the last 6 years I have enjoyed his cum deep inside me, I have a lovely son now then went on the pill now trying for a baby so need as much of it in there as I can get!

    This does mean I try not to 'waste' it in other places! I personally don't like period sex though so this is usually when we indulge with other 'treats' ;)

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    Littlemisshorny wrote:

    I love it when my man cums inside me. I can feel when he does it and quite often tips me over the edge if I haven't already. I like having it all over me too. As long as I don't have to swirl it around my mouth!

    I love feeling my OH cum inside me too and I love it when he comes over me too :)

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    My OH says he loves coming inside me. I know in previous relationships he's used withdrawal method (not the safest!) and I think he enjoys the intimacy and also not having to interrupt things but being able to cum and then stay inside me and relax and let the orgasm pass and also feel close to me. I'm on the pill, incidently. Having said that he has been able to cum in other partners so it's not that much of a novelty for him!

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    I always always want my OH to come inside me! It add to my orgasm if we're orgasming at the same time during penetrative sex - I understand the risks involved of not using condoms and I am very aware of STI's and the risks so go to get tested every 3 months without fail whether with a new partner or not.

    I feel sex is lacking if I don't feel my OH's come either in me or on me, I can honstley say I'd rather not have sex than have sex with a condom so when I was on the pill if I'd missed one, I could be as horny as hell but condoms majorly turn me off!

    I may be in the minority these days and I completely agree with the promotion of condoms and safe sex but I'm afraid they're not for me!


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    First of all I agree with http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/members/avrielle-aniko/e there is no safe time. A couple who were friends of my where really into natural contraception. They used to run training courses until the wife got pregnant (unplanned). However after the menopause it is lovely to return to unprotected sex without the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

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    I think i will have to go back on the pill. The only places i get my OH cum is everywhere other than inside me.

    Yes he pulls out and again thats not 100% safe either as there is still a chance you can get pregnant. grrrr


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    O h yeah the thrill of cumming and not making her preggers is great i had the snip now we don't have to use any contraception ..its so nice no worries either mmmmmmmmm

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    I'm on the pill but have always been a condom user too.
    I'm so tempted though. I can feel him pulse inside me when he comes and I can only imagine how amazing that feels without a condom on.

    Maybe one day.

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    for me there is nothing better than feeling my OH cum inside me ...i,ve been sterilsed so no problems of pregnancy ,periods etc ,,,so i could have it 24 hrs a day if i wanted it ,,not better feeling of feeling his hot sticky mess inside me xx

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    i'm one of the lucky ones for whom the coil has been brilliant

    so once i trust a new partner (seen certificates of clean bills of health :-p) then I let them shoot wherever they want!

    However........ I love to swallow! :-)


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    I have been very lucky my pass OH had been on the pill, which means when things get fruity no need to stop and look around for things

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    When i first met my man we used condoms but tbh they do majorly desensitise things and i find it really hard to orgasm with them and i was on the pill also. So as our relationship and trust built we just relied on the pill. However, that started to cause me issues despite being on it for years and im now on the contraceptive patch which is fasntastic, id highly recommend it!! x

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    My OH and I have been together years and she was on the pill till couple months ago and the feeling of cumming inside her was just intense. Being so close to someone at that moment felt soo good.

    She is off the pill now and condoms don't suit as so doing the pulling out manouvere now which aint the safest method.

    Emma - I never heard on contraceptive patch - would you mind explainin?

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