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  1. How we change...

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    Swallowing! But I think that was because the guy in question tasted RANK. Haven't a clue what the latest man tastes like (not made him cum by blowjob yet and apparently its never happened, so there's my 2010 new years resolution lol).

    Also, and this will sound daft, taking time over sex. I used to be very firmly in the 'if it lasts longer than 20 minutes I'm bored' camp, and usually my partner was of a similar mind set. I've been sleeping with this new guy for two months and he is definitely NOT a quicky man, which I didn't enjoy at first. But now I can go the hour and not even realise it.

    SEXYGET 69 [sign in to see picture]
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    I personally have changed a lot since hitting 40. It's like somebody flicked a switch on, very odd. I'm basically open to try anything at all with my OH.

    Life begins at 40, never a truer word said.

    SG69 x

    Scarlett_Minx [sign in to see picture]
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    There are lots of things that I didb't used to like. Lets just say the more I submit to lately- the more I like. For someone who only used to like penetrative sex this has been a revelation. Getting a bit too drunk started me off on my path of discovery....

    After a recent night out, my partner pushed me on the sofa, pulled down my pants and started to lick my clitoris.. I had never been keen on this idea but the alcohol made me less inhibited and i squealed when he inserted a finger into my very damp hole. His dirty talk made me really turned on and I found myself responding to him telling me to beg for more fingers. I really enjoyed feeling so full- and his insistend thrusting. I gave me a really powerful orgasm!

    Since that night I have been more open to his insistence that i try new things- he brought me my first rabbit- which I love when he uses it on me. I secretly use it on myself, but still feel too shy to tell him about this (he would love itt if I did).

    The other night I gave into his request to let him abuse all three of my holes- my mouth, my cunt and my arse (as he puts it). I had been really nervous about letting him thrust his cock in my arse but the thought of it was making me feel really naughty and he has been so right about how much I have enjoyed the other new things that we have tried. He started off sucking my nipples- which is a sure fire way to turn me on quicky! He then forced my head down and told me to get his throbbing cock in my mouth. His detailed description about hwta he was going to do to me really got me going and he soon flipped me over and started massaging my clitoris from behind. I found myself pushing backwards to meet his strokes. and he slid his fingers back towards my frenulum. He really enjoyed asking me whether it felt nice (which it did) and getting me to tell him. he slowly started to rub behind towards my arse as he inserted a finger in my quivvering cunt. He asked if I wanted more and slid his thumb in my arse. It made me squeal and soon started to feel much nicer than I expected. He had secretly brought some lube and he rubbed it all over his cock. He began rocking against me and gradually eased it in, taking his time. Once all in he began deeply thrusting and rubbing my nipple as as he did so. His obvious pleasure and the fact that it was making me feel really naughty really turned me on and we both came really strong.

    So in answer to the original question, i have really changed. Allowing my partner to push my boundaries has allowed me to have even more powerful orgasms than I thought possible and I have enjoyed becoming really open to suggestions- I feel liberated and want sex constantly. His stamina has certainly improved and we go for hours now rather than just a quickie. Any suggestions for what we should try next?

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    I find it strange that someone should dredge up a thread from more than a year ago in order to post for the first time without even making an intro post. Sounds more like erotic fiction

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    has to be oral and anal play for me

    when i first got together with my bf i had never gone down on anyone before, tasted cum etc and always thought it would be awful and didn't want to do it- now both of us can't get enough!

    and anal was a bit out of bounds with me aswell but i have just ordered the lovehoney slimline basics buttplug and some lube and we have recently been talking about trying anal sex

    i can't think of anything that i've gone from really liking to not liking though...

    Alicia D'amore [sign in to see picture]
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    I have a new 'un since my last post in here!

    I used to not get on with gspot play at all - it was uncomfortable and not really pleasurable. I didn't hate it, but just didn't really enjoy it.

    But now - I suddenly love it! Only with WandA's fingers mind, but it's a massive change - I've gone from really not being bothered to loving it and it becoming a big part of our sex life.



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    i use to hate my feet being touched, now i find a foot massage as most relaxing

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    I've changed because of my toys, and how they have expanded just what I am able to do, and also changed my attitude in other ways. I went from being incredibly frustrated and feeling stunted from being without a partner and without options, and sexual experimentation was limited to what I could home make, which is never really a good idea. I've allowed myself to enjoy so many more things, and vibration has added soooo much fun to my time alone. =P

    It also changed my attitudes about being more open about things, for instance, when I first ever bought a dildo online, I was absolutely terrifed by it turning up at the family door. I even had to pick it up from the sorting office with my dad and my god, I clutched that box as if it contained a bomb. I was paranoid. Paranoid about it being found, paranoid about someone walking in on me while watching porn, paranoid about lots of things. Now, I order what I like, when I like, and i'll find it waiting in the hall. I certainly don't leave my toys laying about, but there was one point that if anyone went into my room and picked a drawer they would have found something, and I really wasn't bothered. I don't know if anyone ever did open a drawer and I have my toys locked away just to make sure nobody goes poking about, but I wouldn't really have been that fussed if they had. They are just part of life now. Something that I own that I get pleasure out of.

    I have to say that this forum has helped a lot too. I've gotten insights into things I hardly even thought off.

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