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    Gentle giant wrote:

    ScarlettMae wrote:

    I know there must be a thread on here somewhere, but I can't be arsed to find it.

    I'm keen to try anal, but my partner is large - he's about 8inches and pretty gurthy... I am nervous about it hurting and also about the hygiene issues. Can anybody offer any tips on how to approach it, what to have to prepare etc.... should I think about getting a butt plug to ease myself into it beforehand?

    Suggestions needed! Thank youuuu!

    Hi SM, can't be arsed to find the thread very funny.

    Seriously, we don't have anal often due to the same issues you are having. All the advice above is great. My suggestion is something we do.

    I get my wife to orgasm first so she is very relaxed. Then I lube her carefully not spreading it over her butt cheeks. Then myself as well. Then she assumes the doggystyle position on the edge of the bed and I stand behind her on the floor. At this point she takes total control all I am allowed to do is line myself up with her butt. Because her hands and cheeks are lube free she is able to pull them wide apart. Now she tells me I have to stand totally still no thrusting. She then edges herself on at her pace and depth. Let me tell you this is very erotic to see your OH opening herself up and backing onto you. He will love it and you are in control so not worrying about it being thrust in.

    I have read your other post and you would prefer to be a sub but I think on this occasion you might be better taking control. Go so far as to tell him if he doesn't stand perfectly still he won't get it. I found this even more arousing.

    Good luck and enjoy.

    This is such good advice.that or on top-basically whichever position,you are the one controlling the whole experience. I had some truly awful experiences with anal with an ex and honestly never thought I would want to attempt it agaon .then I decided I was going to take back that control and not let those experiences define my sexual enjoyment so,with my OH who I trust totally I have discovered the enjoyment of anal. Work up to full anal slowly,play is so very different so make sure of what your limits are each time before you commit to more and dont worry if it takes a while before you are ready...though you may love it and want more straight away,time will tell!! In addition lots of lube(just in immediate area and on him) with you relaxed,sated,and with someone you trust. First sign of any discomfort,stop. Most of all,just find the enjoyment of the act of trying something new,even if it turns out its not for you.

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    On other things have just thought of. Giving your anal virginity to some one is in someways more bonding than vaginal virginity. So just whatch out for the emotion after. It is wonderful very intimate.

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    Thanks again gentle giant, and tiggerish! more great advice. I already feel less nervous. It'll be a while before I do it I think, but when I do I shall be sure to let you know how it goes... hopefully well! and i'll be aware of those emotions!

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