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  1. Typical size?

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    I think I'm lucky enough to be very happy with my size. OH is happy too, so smiles all around.

    OP - is he only looking at it flaccid in the cold? Shrinkage is definitely reliant on conditions! Just point out when he's got out of a hot shower the difference.

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    I think it's just his low self esteem, he hasn't had it great, relationship wise, but I'll soon change that! I adore the man and show him constantly, he'll eventually believe me about how incredible he is won't he?


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    My cock when hard is 8inches but rather fat. My wife says it hurts when having sex in some positions. I don't think size does matter ( unless you are very small ) because what ever you have there may always be something that is a problem. Speaking to friends there seems to be no standard complaint. Comments like, your cock is too small, its too large, its to thin, its to fat. I don't think there is a perfect cock ? is there ladies !

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    I don't think there is a perfect cock but there definitely are some bad ones. There obviously is a range that is generally good, some are too small and some are too big, as glass joy said, sadly a two incher is never gonna get anyone going whereas a ten incher will cause problems for most women. I'd say you're on the larger side of what most women can handle, which means some positions are too painful, whereas for a man on the smaller side those very same positions are probably best.
    We all come in different shapes and sizes, and being bi I can honestly say there are some not so pretty vaginas and cocks out there, and there are also some that appear to be carved by angels!
    My OH has one of those angelic cocks. But he's had some nasty women in his time and now doesn't consider himself to be much. I think it's a real Shame tbh.

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