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  1. husband wants a foursome

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    My husbandand I were talking about our fantasies and he has said he would like a 3some with another woman, while Iwould like one with anotherman. He has said he wouldlike to try swinging/foursome, but we dontknowwhere tostart.

    Has anyone got any experience of this? wheredo we look? We understand the impactthis could have on our relationship but I really wantto try it.


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    Try a website called Fab swingers. U can make a profile and find people who want the same thing


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    I recommend going to an offical swinging club with reviews. This may involve travelling to a location, but it'll be worth it compared to smaller home parties. That's if you're into swinging. I've been to too many smaller parties, and their lack of respect and rules can ruin it for everyone (I've been to some where people were even aware of it being swinging and feeling pressured, hence I advice a more offical event, as they have safe guards against these).

    Any that's if you go with the swinging option.

    There's also the choice of escorting. Although, when I worked as an escort, this wouldn't of been an easy thing for me or the couple hiring to arrange. Again it' location, and then legal side does put off many sex workers teaming up for this type of thing. ANd the only foursome I've ever had was with me and 3 men.

    There's also adult holidays, and some in the UK, where orgies happen. These are actually very relaxerd generally due to the rules in place. I really do find everyone is more comfortable when there's some ground rule in place, and less abuse happens etc.

    But I recommend google for swinging, and join swinging forums (there's even local swinger groups on facebook).

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    I would say at first find a local club and go to an event but not participate possibly on your first visit. That way you can go and look and see whether you are comfortable there, as well as possibly talk to some people there who may have some good advice, but by pre deciding to not participate originally, there is no pressure if you don't feel fully comfortable to actually do anything.

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