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    Judging entirely on my own experience, it doesn't matter how our pussy lips look like because the sex appeal comes from our own confidence. Personally, I don't give a damn for any sort of social media regarding body stereotypes as I'm sure our beauty relies as much as on our physical atributes as in our body confidence. My lips are far from being the "designer" ones - lol -, but I think they're sexy as hell and honestly I haven't found anyone I've benn intimate with, who'd disagree with me. 

    I think it's time all of us, specially women because it seems we've have more body hang-ups, accepted ourselves for what we are and worked in our own strenghts. Obviously no-one is perfect and there are things we're not happy about our bodies, but looking for media reafirmation or other people's approval doesn't really do us any favours. 

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    I'll throw my 2 cents in here! 

    In my years as an alt porn photographer I saw ALL sorts of labia: long, short, different skin-colours, ones which looked like beautiful flowers and others which were tucked away out of sight. Let me tell you: EVERY person with a vulva who I took pictures of was very popular on their websites, and had huge followings and many fans. 

    When I've spoken about vulvas with my various partners and friends, it seems anyone who is attracted to people with a vulva finds ANY vulva attractive, but obviously some people have a particular taste for a particular look.

    What people are turned on by when it comes to genitals is just the same as any other body part. For example, some people are more attracted to blondes, other people swoon for people with brown eyes, and other's go giddy for a hairy chest - and on the flip side, there are people who less attracted to blondes / brown eyes or can't abide body hair!

    Here are two different exact quotes from people I know:

    "I love long, large labia as it gives me more to play with. During oral, I love to focus my attention on each lip and take my time."

    "I'm into small labia. I like it when you can't see the lips at first, and then you discover them as you explore, like opening a present!" 

    As you can see, all types of vulva have their 'fan base' (so to speak!), so there is no rule which defines what makes your bits beautiful. 

    Just remember that looks are entirely a personal preference thing, but is surface level attraction, and real love runs deeper than looks. And finally, don't forget that the most attractive thing you can have is confidence (and that is something you CAN work on without seeing a surgeon!)  

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    What Jess said is true, you control your confidence, just think, your partner wants to be with you, they don`t see or don`t care about your perceived faults,confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear in the bedroom!

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    Hi Cinderalla69 glad I could be of some help I enjoy reading other people's coments views and yes we should all be proud of our lady bits no matter what shape or size hope your keeping well 

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    Jackjohn - Well said . I totally agree. It's hard for women .

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    Re the 100 Vaginas documentary / photographer: the Guardian newspaper did a feature on it, with a similar one about male genitalia. An online search of their page should bring it up.

    The variety was interesting and a relief from all the 'designer vagina' garbage on social media. Everyone is different. Something to celebrate. I don't really see the point of surgery for cosmetic appeal because it al changes during arousal anyway, just like with men.

    I'm not all neatly tucked away, but it all feels good and my husband likes me. 

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