1. Get it all out thread. Warning Rants will be had! PLEASE READ PAGE 1

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    Welcome to a place where  you can get it all out and off your chest. 

    Rules of the thread: 

    *If you do not wish to have a response to your rant please start post with , No reponses please. This way you can just allow it to be off your chest and move on

    *This is a place you can feel safe to say things you feel you need advise on that is bringing you down. Or you simply need a little sympathy and pick me up. 

    *Feel free to post when you are feeling ill, under the weather, a bit down etc Or if you simply are raging about something!

    ***Please do not use the good morning, afternoon, evning thread for this type of talk***

    And go for it get it off your chest... 

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