1. Bodystockings...

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    Ooh thank you.. I might possibly need to invest in that... It's jus beautiful.. I'm obsessed with lace. Thank you 👍

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    No problem! Enjoy!

    blonde vixen13 [sign in to see picture]
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    I love a body stocking in the winter! Means I can be almost naked but still warm lol

    Crotchless is definitely better!

    Plus is I have a "food baby" after eating too much at dinner I can put on a body stocking to hide the evidence.

    I just wish I had discovered body stockings sooner. They would have been great after I had just given birth as they would have helped hide the wobbly bits I was self conscious about!

    sexybirdie [sign in to see picture]
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    I wore knee high tights once and I would rather try stockings (with belt) - I am dress size 8-10

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    I love bodystockings! Have to admit to being a very recent convert after I was bought one for a present.

    I prefer the crotchless ones for easy access & naughtines ;) I ldefinitelay the lacey ones to fishnet, as they seem more elegant & flattering as they cover a bit more. I've worn them under work clothes as a surprise ot my OH when I get home, and i've worn them in the bedroom. I personally think they're really flattering & look amazing with heels

    I'm a size 10 with a 12 booty and find the stretchiness is great for flattering all body shapes

    Ruby Red Slippers [sign in to see picture]
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    I hate body stockings as does my partner - they remind me of Borat! I'm a size 8.

    Buttsinyourface [sign in to see picture]
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    I've never tried one and I don't plan too, I don't like the look of them and I don't think they'd look good on me because I like lingerie that hides my belly.

    Troubled Joe [sign in to see picture]
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    Got to say I'm a big fan. Mrs Mozz looks fabulous in a bodystocking - I love that she's covered up but still all's on view.

    Place is better than fishnet, but both are great.

    jackjohn [sign in to see picture]
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    just heard that we're getting one to test. mrs. jj and i will both be trying it (if it's stretchy enough). sounds damn sexy to me...

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    From a guy's point of view, I'm not a fan - I much prefer a nice bra/panties and stockings/suspenders, or a babydoll/chemise...woooowwww!

    Dubliner [sign in to see picture]
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    I have one fishnet one I bought from LH. At 5'2" and a size 6/8 it doesn't stretch across my body as elegantly as it does on taller models and I have to put a knot in the halter neck band to get the top half to fit. Also my boobs are dds so underwear without support never makes me feel sexy. (The one I bought was crotchless and had boob cutouts) Basically when I first tried it on, I felt completely and utterly unsexy. Then, after a few drinks on holidays, I tried it on for my OH expecting a laugh. He loved it, really loved it, seriously, and his reaction made me feel really sexy. Worn it a few times now and it's still his reaction that makes it fun for me. Personally I think it's my least attractive piece of underwear!!

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