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    I never wear bodystockings. I'm also in the group that thinks they would be unflattering to my figure - showing lumps and bumps if not uber toned (my thighs- nothing worse than looking like a side of pork that's been trussed ready for roasting :/ ) and showing stretchmarks - but reading the comments above they seem to actually make the things I was worried about better!

    Though I also don't like things that don't give my breasts support as they arn't as pert as they used to be 10 years ago and I'm not sure if they would just flatten them?

    I love the style that Peitho and MrsMcX linked too. I might have to rethink giving one a try.

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    I wear bodystockings from time to time and I love the look and feel of them. I think they hide any extra weight and give me confidence when I’m not feeling overly sexy (i.e. winter months or “that time of the month”). The fishnet ones are breathable and crotchless ones are convenient for obvious reasons. I sometimes wear one in place of pajamas as they feel great under the sheets! I’m a size 10.

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    As a lover of stockings in general, I've never really seen the attraction of a body-stocking to be honest.

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    I don't really wear them. They are great to throw on if you can't be bother to wear something that takes longer to put on (corsets, stockings est) but I don't really like them. I don't think that they are all that sexy.

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    I some times wear body stockings.
    I literally use to hate them! The fact I'm not size 8 or 10 I though i would look ridiculous. Me and the oh made a promise to do each other's fantasy and his had to be for me to wear a stocking! I was bricking it!

    I went for the more covered up really detailed black lace one, ( so wasn't really see through) and I have to admit I now love it!
    With bigger boobs to it was perfect as had normal bra straps.
    I'm now currently having another baby and already look 30 weeks pregnant & now even half way yet, however is still literally looks stunning, i think because it isn't stuck to me
    Like glue and is really stretchy.

    Never though id ever say it but it's one of my favourite things to now wear. Very flattering :)
    Size 14, 34e boobs, 100 stone belly! 😩

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    So far I only have one, but currently have another two in my basket!
    I absolutely love them, they are flattering on all sizes (I am a curvy size 12). The one I have is fishnet but I do prefer the lace ones and ones with flower patterns integrated. They appeal for so many reasons. The fact that a lot of them are full body, or cover stomach appeals to me as this is the area with which I am least confident and find that a lot of normal lingerie can be less flattering. They also leave a little something to the imagination while showing enough to tease.

    All in all, can't wait to buy some more!

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    i love the look of body stockings. I have never bought one because of the question of sizing. Descriptions never have enough detail

    I am size 14 but 6ft tall with 34" inside leg and long arms

    I would buy one if i was confident it would fit me.

    I like crotchless, not too heavily patterned

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    I never wear bodystockings...

    Simply because I can never afford to buy lingerie in general. I struggle to work when I am in uni full time and on full time work placements (im doing a nursing degree) I have splashed out on about 2-3 sets of nice lingerie!

    I would love to try one though! I am intregued as to how they would fit on me, to be honest i normally go for bra sets/camis and suspenders, I tend to see them as a more sexy option, more skin on show ;)


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    I haven't even tried one on. I'm short in the waist (teddies are always too long), long in the leg (34" inseam) and a size 14-16. Sometimes I think about it, but I'm usually at the upper end of the size range or beyond. That might mean it's short enough up top but I wouldn't have high hopes for the legs being long enough. Plus size would be long enough in the legs but too big up top.

    It just all gets too confusing. If there was a size centred around 14-16 rather than those being at the break between non-plus and plus, I'd give one a try to cover the parts I don't like like the ugly foot long scar up my belly.

    Sex is the only physical contact I get these days though so getting as much skin on skin is important.

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    I purchased a couple this month, tried one on and hated how I looked. They ended up back in the boxes, so disappointed with myself to think they would actually look ok. Then they didn't :(

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    I'm a size 20 and was really unsure about them, but my hubby surprised me with one as a present when we spent a night in a hotel. I'll never be confident in my body, but the fact he bought it because he thought I'd look sexy in it really turned me on, and him of course!

    I'm certainly a convert now and looking to add more to surprise him with. Just need something that looks very sexy on him now! :)

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    I am a size 24 and love my fishnet bodystocking and I am planning to buy the obsessive one very soon !! :)

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    I'm a size 22 and sometimes wear bodystockings as part of my lingerie repertoire!

    I was unsure the first time I tried one but hubby really liked it so has made me feel more confident. It certainly feels very sensual when I'm wearing it. it's crotchless - is there any point to wearing one that isn't?
    My one gripe is the lack of support for my boobs - as a larger lady I do like lingerie that comes with some built in support. To combat this I usually wear a plunge bra underneath my stocking.

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    Ive never tried one but its on my list to try! everything ive heard about them as been positive. i'm a size 14/ 16 but i would always go for plus size as i prefer a little extra room and i have long legs!

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    - I always wear Bodystockings in the bedroom, I prefer them to all other Lingerie

    Seriously, I love bodystockings. I really didn't until my current partner, I figured they'd make me look really silly and lumpy. But I knew he liked them, so I bought one (cause I knew he'd love me in it anyway lol). I was so surprised! They are so flattering, they really smooth things out for me and make me feel so much more confident in the bedroom. Having self image issues, it ia a big help some days to feel 'covered up' even though he can still see everything. I am a size 8-10 (though sometimes a 12 depending on the butt/boob room lol) but after having a child my body isn't as firm as I'd like. The body stockings really help disguise this!

    I prefer crotchless. In fact, would never buy one that wasn't, as I like to keep it on while doing the deed. No point looking sexy as hell then having to take it off when you want to do something about it lol! Plus it's so much easier and more comfortable to wear a body stocking under clothes as a sneaky surprise than any other type of lingerie, a major plus for me.

    Pattern wise, I like the lace patterned ones (for the extra feminine prettiness) and the fishnet (but not that really wide fishnet!) And pretty much any that have embellisments. I wouldn't bother with one that just looked plain, I don't want to look like I'm wearing a giant pair of tights haha. I love white ones, I just love how they look with my pale skin. I like the standard black, but not sure about the red or baby pink as I have never tried one. I will sometime in the future of course! I hate the neon ones, they just seem tacky to me. I would absolutely kill for a green one, or a lovely bright blue one! But haven't found any yet.

    Ok, I could ramble about these all day haha. I hope this is useull for your research! :)

    - Cazz [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you to everyone who commented - this has made my research a lot easier! x
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    Do you have all the feedback you need Cazz?

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    I have 2, honestly I am not a big fan of them as I don't think they look nice on me - I don't feel sexy or attractive wearing them. My oh finds them a big turn on and I only wear them if he pesters me long enough.
    I am really short and I have a really low body image so, I find them too 'open' / exposed (no way of hiding my fat rolls or cellulite) ;)

    Mrs Badger

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    Hi Cazz

    I wear body stockings very often and I love them. I like the fishnet and lace style ones. I like them as they are so stretchy and fit my curves well. I am a size 10-12 and a 34G so getting lingerie that is stretchy is important to fit my curves in.

    - Cazz [sign in to see picture]
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    If any one does have more information Ia m always happy to accept it but if not I can work with what I have :)

    Many thanks

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