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  1. Ladies do you enjoy dressing up?


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    Dressing up makes me feel so much better about myself and more confident with my oh. I dress up for myself most days (unless I'm so down I can't get motivated ). It makes me feel sexy, and like I look half decent and I can bear to look in the mirror without feeling ugly.
    So my answer is I dress up mainly for me, but also for my oh. I love how face when he looks at me like, WAW. It makes me feel do much more happy and confident ❤xx

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    Hey this is a man (sorry) but I had to share with you: My girlfriend and I would have these special stay at home evenings on Friday night with a movie, some wine and cheese and usually a bit of porn cued up. She had many nice lingerie and stockings with pretty matching jewelry etc (a lot of it Christmas gifts from me to "her." She fixed herself up for me- nice hair, newly painted toes and nails (see my photo? Not her but that cute)

    So she would do this whole routine of getting ready sometimes even 2 -1/2 or even 3 hours. By the time she was done (and God was she sizzling) she would be wet as the Thames and hardly able to control herself. Not only did she enjoy it it was actually a major turn-on for her.

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    I love to dress up in lingerie and do my make up and hair. It makes me feel sexy and alot more confident and that makes the sex better! My OH also loves to see me dressed up, so it is a win-win.

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    Yes, all the time... sometimes I do wonder why I bother though as it all ends up in a pile ridiculously quickly anyways haha

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    Iwish wrote:

    I wish my OH would dress up but she just isn't into it one bit.

    I have to say im the same but luckily my oh isn't bothered 😊. I don't own stocking, suspenders, a basque, a teddy nothing, well just bras and knickers but tbh it's also because I gave up on the whole being sexy thing years ago 😂 x
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    I enjoy it when the Mrs dresses up .It signals her mood and intent.


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    I love dressing up and it's definitely as much (if not more) for me than him!
    I even dress up sometimes for solo fun as it makes me feel so much sexier 😉

    I had a boyfriend when I was younger who said what did it matter it just ends up on the floor and it frustrated the hell out of me

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    I adore dressing up! I work with kids so usually end up with yogurt on my knees and snot on my shoulder, I start work early and can't be bothered with make up everyday but on a Friday night I just into the shower to shave my legs, put my make up on, curl my hair and put on the newest bit of sexy lingerie and a pair of Kurt Geiger killer heels and he LOVES it!

    Most of my new lingerie is crotchless so it doesn't end up on the floor either! I often put on a pair of stockings and suspenders under my fluffy onesie when we chill out with the kids on a Sat as a perfect teaser for when they go off to bed!

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