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  1. lovehoney sizes = uk sizes

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    help me,,,i want to buy my wife a corset for a surprise,,,she is size uk 14,,ample bosom ,witch means some items she buys are size 16,,,the lovehoney sizes go from 22 to 32,,,what is closest to her?????

    PurringTiger [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there, do you mean these Lovehoney corsets?


    If you do then the sizing you see is actually a waist measurement. To buy your wife a steel boned corset like this you would need to know her waist measurement in inches exactly. Once you have that figure you then need to deduct 3-4 inches to get the correct size to buy as these corsets can reduce/cinch the waist by up to 4 inches.

    I.e if your wife has a 29 -30 inch waist you would purchse a size 26 corset. If she has a 31-32 inch waist you would buy a size 28 etc etc.

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    You really need her waist measurement if you want a corset that has measurements in inches, and then take 4-6 inches off depending on those measurements.

    If you wanted a different corset that doesn't go on measurements you could go for something like this -


    In the drop down menu you can select her size, and they have a size 14-16 which sounds perfect.

    Same applies for these -


    http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26232 (my favourite)




    I hope that helps :)

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    If the ones you're looking at are measured in inches, then they're designed to seriously cinch the waist in. That's where the four inches less thing comes in. Take a tape measure and circle it round for say 36 and 32 inches. It's a lot. So it might be best to let your OH decide for herself how much of that she's interested in trying. Especially if you're wanting her to wear it during sex. Some of us find breathing a bit integral to the process. ;-)

    If you have your heart set on one that is in inches, you might want to go with something closer to her natural waist size. The messed-up ideas we're conditioned with mean it's far better for most women's confidence to exchange for a smaller waist size than a larger one.

    The names can be confusing and similar things can be called a corset, basque or bustier. Have you found LH's category page though? http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/lingerie/sexy-lingerie/basques-corsets-bustiers/

    I'm small up top, so all I can say about over-all fitting for a large bust is look at the back carefully as well as the front. Laces anywhere do a lot to help with fit. If she's essentially two different sizes top and bottom (as many women are) pay attention to where she'll have a wider gap in the laces and how that will affect the look.

    Sizing is a bit all over the place and some brands just run small. If that sort of thing isn't mentioned in the reviews for the piece you're looking at, take a look at the reviews for similar items from the same brand.

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    To be honest I'm looking at queen size for lace dress there are some lovely ones now, or I go a size up,. I'm an 18 in jeans but if it clingy up a size I go hate my stomach night wear can be anything from 20 to 22,

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    LH is great but I always go for a size up than what I usually am as lingerie tends to be quite clingy.

    Also, you can try one and if it doesn't fit, return it. You can return things for up to a year for whatever reason (:

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    The clothing side appears to be fine (I bought queen size pvc dress) and it was if anything too big on me (I have a small chest boo..)

    However, for tights and hosiery queen size doesn't cut it, too much loose fat on my thighs haha I just bought a pair of tights for 20-26uk (I'm like kitten, between 18-22 max) and they were so tight I laddered them trying to jiggle them up.... Disappointing as I ordered what I thought would be fine considering I've been wearing an 18 skinny jeans...

    To OP though with corset consider your partners build too, if she is a very toned 14-16 lots of muscle mass there etc she won't have much give in the waist measurement you take and may feel uncomfortable with a 4inch decrease. If she has a soft squishy tummy there will be less resistance. I can get a 4-6inch decrease with comfort in my steelies, 8 inches with a lot of discomfort but i only just got them so I'm not "trained" yet....

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    Hello all!

    Here's a comprehensive guide to buying a well-fitting corset: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/lingerie/buyers-guide/lovehoney-guide-to-corsets/

    It's the waist measurement you need rather than the UK sizing as corsets are measured in inches. Just shout if you need any help!


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    hi folks,,,,,thanks for the comments,,,i was lookin at buying this one,,,its longer length,,,i do remember somethings that she tells me,,,,classic satin long line over bust steel boned corset...would a 28 or 30 do


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    Again, you really need her waist measurement in inches.
    Difficult I know when you're buying it as a suprise or a present, but purchasing a corset is tricky business - it has to fit just right.

    And UK sizes vary store to store... I'm barely an 18 in Your's or Tesco and yet in New Look or H&M the air would leave my lungs at the mere thought of squeezing into their size 20 tops...

    Even if you get a tape measure and make a joke of it or make it playful like "Argh I'm putting on weight, come look honey" and then say "You look like you've lost some, lets measure you up!" Or something haha!

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    hi,,,,that would be ok,,but im in afghanistan at the moment lol,,just think im gona have to guesstimate the size...thanks again for the advice


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    Well a quick google search claims that a Uk 14 is normally about 31-32" around the waist.
    So IF she matches that a 28 should be an okay fit.
    In a corset it is better to be a bit too small as they should never be closed fully over te spine anyway and they usually come with what is called a modesty panel which means that even if the corset isn't laced tightly then no flesh or lumps show.

    As for being more ample on top that's fine, just leave the top laced a bit less tightly to accommodate x

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