1. boys who love used panties

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    Hi I've rently had experience with a nice boy who had a massive kink about myused panties. It was a real eye opener and I actually took it as a compliment ( although I did have to start hiding my laundry basket as all my best underwear kept diapering)

    I would love to hear from boys with this interest as I would love to know more


    Ron Burgundy [sign in to see picture]
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    I have never understood this particular fetish. The only one interested in used underwear in our house is the dog who can usually be found trying to steal them from the laundry.

    If your other half is going to take them he should at least replace them with new ones.

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    Hey, welcome to the forums :)

    Personally, it's not something that my husband is into, but I do know that there's plenty of people on the forum who have experienced this. It's definitely one of the more popular fetishes.

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