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  1. bra size query

    Najila [sign in to see picture]
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    With my breasts its been a bit of an odd ride so to speak

    Only started developing boobs at 12 years old, they were a 32AA for about 3 years, then BOOM! 34B boobs. I got given hell in school for having the smallest bust in the year, would wear baggy stuff because of the hell given. again starting college and I'm a 36C.. by the time college finishes I am a 36E.....

    Now I am a 38D/36E (going though a weight fight at the moment, so it can't make up it's mind as to what size it wants to be currently), and it's a love/hate relationship. Some shops supply the right size bra's and that nice and appeal to me, other places..... got more chance of getting a free shopping spree in a chocolate shop.

    Now if only I can find a good place to buy nice looking but comfortable and pratical sports bra's for these babies for martial arts, then I'll be over the moon.

    naughty mum [sign in to see picture]
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    For those who feel that they are too small... I can tell you... Have a kid.... Boob feed and those puppies will be definitely worth waiting for!
    I spent my pre married/ pre kids time with small boobs, and I had a mum and younger sis with huge ones! Felt ugly duckling for years!
    Then the miracle of. Breast feeding, and they just pump up!
    After you get them back to yourself ( when the little darling starts chewing!) They go down a bit, but not much.
    Big boobs have their own probs. You get constant back ache, straps that dig in, so don' t fret over them... They are still as playable and sensitive to foreplay as big oness

    Enjoy them:)

    VirginAngel [sign in to see picture]
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    The problem i have with mine is one is barely a B cup and the other is struggling to even fit in a C, gettin a bra to fit is impossible, either it fits the smaller b reast and the bigger gets that awful double boob thing bulging out the top, or it fits the bigger one and the little one can't come close to filling the cup and its baggy. Bras never stay in the right place, and neither do my tops, they always pull over to the side of the bigger one, and it is incredibly embarrassing. I love my bigger breast, if both were that size i would love them, but i could equally be happy if they were both the size of the smaller, but i cannot stand them being so different. I only wear really baggy clothing to hide them, and i cannot stand seeingthem, no matter how dressed i am, naked makes me cry, i hate having to touch them to shower, if i could afford to get them fixed, believe me i would, but i hate the thought of not being natural, ideally i'd get fat transfer bit you can only get it done in london and being disabled that isn't possible even if i could afford it. It has prevented me from getting into a relationship other than long distance, and i dread the day i meet my current boyfriend because of the emotional issues i have with them, i feel like an absolute freak.

    Puddleduck [sign in to see picture]
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    Well said Amanda!!! And I'm sorry naughty mum I second what Amanda has said, your advice is appualing! It's stupid advice like yours that make vulnerable young people want to have children! Again echoing Amanda children shouldn't be brought into the world for bigger boobs!!!

    And like Amanda 2 babies later and breastfeeding my boobs only increased in size while I breastfed! Now I am back to my normal size 34b!

    Jazzam [sign in to see picture]
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    I think my only issue with my boobs isn't just because I think they're small... it is because they are small in comparison to my size.

    I'm a 42C / 40D depending on bra style, and getting ANYTHING to fit me is a nightmare unless I wanna buy maternity bras or old women bras... I'm not fussy, but they need to have actual cups not just be a piece of mesh >.<

    If you look at any shops that actually bother to stock a 40/42, the smallest cup size is *usually* a DD atleast. & Because of my "mum-tum" (and general size) my stomach sticks out further than my boobs if I get even slightly bloated... which is horribly unflattering and I just feel Bleh.

    Ultimately it doesn't get me down that much, I wish they were bigger because I genrally like the look of big boobs, but I don't think it makes or breaks my confidence... It's just a "Well if it was free...." lol

    P.S Had two kids... my boobs didn't grow... at all...
    My sister had 3 kids and she has gone from a C cup to an A, so breastfeeding can have different effects for different people.
    If you want bigger boobs? Put on a little weight, but train at the same time so that you're toning you arms/legs/bum/tum etc at the same time. x

    myghost [sign in to see picture]
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    Naughty mum that's really bad advice just because your got bigger boobs doesn't mean all women's do I agree with what gem and amanda have said plus women who can't breastfeed cos nothing can come out or there's nothing to come out don't get bigger boobs

    VirginAngel [sign in to see picture]
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    I have a lot of friends who are mums and they all said they lost volume and increased sagging from breast feeding so actually have smaller breasts, the ones who didn't breastfeed their breast size decreased to pre pregnancy size. Not to mention not all women can have children, but even if they can to suggest having a baby to basically give them a natural boob job is ridiculous! Having a child should happen only in a long term, stable relationship that is emotionally as well as financially stable, and because a child is genuinely wanted.

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