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  1. Heels or boots to bed

    Her_and_him [sign in to see picture]
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    Anything sexy with a heel xx

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    Wai [sign in to see picture]
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    mysteron wrote:

    I think it depends on the outfit especially for role playing. For example the cop dress looks better and convincing teamed up with boots. School Girl uniform is perhaps better in sandal type flats. Some shoes like the latter she just uses for role playing .Heels are in the main worn when we go out to dinner and stay on afterwards .

    wow.. do you mean she'll go out to dinner wearing heels and then just keep them on for fun and games when you get home?

    This is sexy! I love it when women do that. My ex was a corporate finance/lawyer type and always had a great collection of sophisticated and sexy-as-hell stilettos as part of the work uniform. She knew I loved seeing her wear them, and often kept them on (naked otherwise) in bed for sex.. got me going every time and made her feel sexy and powerful too! She'd say it made her feel so naughty wearing a pair of stilettos to a client meeting during the day knowing what those heels were doing the night before!

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    I've been dripping hints to OH for a while that boots in particular and heels are hot and that she should wear them to bed. She's got a fantastic pair of black stiletto over the knee leather boots as well as a nice pair of brown flats. Just hearing her walk down the hall before leaving for work is enough to get my randy attention. Add that to some lingerie like the leather corset I got her for Christmas and I'll be hard as a rock in no time and ready to go.

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    I normally keep heels on but this morning I surprised DH with me on the bed with a short leather skirt, stockings and thigh high boots...he barely had time to drop his case on the floor..

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    Lucy.Locket [sign in to see picture]
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    Heels. I have high heels that are just for the bedroom, they are too high and dainty for me to wear out of the house and not walk funny. 😀

    With nice undies I think high heels look nice and make me feel sexy so everyone's a winner.

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    My missus naked with ugg boots

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    killer heels with a pair of sexy hold ups

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    Nothing on the feet for us, just not needed, but fair play to those who go the extra mile

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