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  1. Dye Run Warning on Fantasy Excite See Through Striped Boxer Shorts

    Marrwyck [sign in to see picture]
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    Why should the woman in your life have all the sexy underwear when us fellas' can be just as classy and sexy in these see through shorts.

    When I put these sexy shorts on I immediately felt good, looked good, lol and they feel so slinky and sexy.

    Now I have bought many items of underwear in my life and these come from my point of view with a serious DYE run warning.

    After I slipped these on I had to nip out and decided to keep the shorts on.
    Now as it was dark when I got back I just walked around indoors with these shorts on and the wife certainly loves the look and feel of these shorts as every time I walked pass her, she just had to slap my ass or stroke me, lol.

    Anyway to cut a long story short what I didn't realise was the DYE was coming off these shorts and onto my cushion on the 3 seater sofa.
    After a wild night when I got up the next morning not only was there dye on my sofa, it was all over my bed sheet and I was covered in DYE.

    Now I have never had this ever happen with anything I have ever bought.
    We all know to wash new jeans a few times and be careful of dye, but boxers is a new one on me.

    After washing these 3 times there is still dye coming out of them.
    So I tried an old trick by soaking the shorts in cold water and salt.
    I will wash these again to see what happens with the dye issue and re try the salt trick.

    I have spoken to Lovehoney about this and their response was you should have washed them 1st and they didn't seem bothered about the dye coming out of them and that it was on my sofa and bedding.

    So I think that these shorts will probably be returned and I'm sure I'll enjoy getting my sofa and bedding professionally cleaned.

    Even though my review of these shorts is pretty good I thought I would tell of my experience :)

    Morthius [sign in to see picture]
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    Not so nice if there is Dye coming out after 3 washes but as for washing first that should apply to everything you buy. The people whom work with unloading clothes from containers need all over protective wear and gasmasks because there is so much chemicals in the containers to avoid clothes getting destroyed in the shipping. If the clothes are not made in the country you buy them always wash them first and even if they are made in the same country it is a good idea to wash them first.

    - Cazz [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Marrwyck,

    Please contact our customer care team and they can assist you with this and offer you an exchange or refund!

    I have also passed your review on to our buying team and they will contact the supplier as this is not good at all :( I'm sorry you had this problem.

    Kind Regards

    mrs average [sign in to see picture]
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    My husbsnd has these and have washed them a few times and not had any problem with dye coming out.
    definately get them exchanged it can't be normal for that to happen after washing them.

    Marrwyck [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi and thanks for your replies.

    Now I know all about the clothing shipped in containers as for many years I was a HGV container driver and I know of the gases they use in them :)

    I did contact customer services and have swapped a few emails.

    I'm a mature male and my wife is a mature female, now in all of our wise years here on this wonderful planet we have never ever bought anything that just by trying it on and keeping it on for a few hours has dye ever come out of anything.

    (We all know about jeans)

    Wife used to work in aviation textile indusrty and knows a damn lot about materials and sewing etc.

    Point I am making in this situation is I just wanted anyone considering buying these lovely shorts about my experience.
    The underwear I had delivered yesterday was washed immediately and without dye run.

    So are the Fantasy Excite shorts I purchased part of a rogue batch or is it the way they have been treated where they were made?

    I don't know the answer, all I do know is out of all of the hundreds if not thousands of items I have ever bought in my life I have never experienced such a high dye run from anything.

    We used to buy most of our adult stuff from a well known but poor shop on the high street.

    Since using Lovehoney we are very very pleased with our purchases and we will continue to use Lovehoney for all of our sexy purchases.

    All have a great week and thanks for your replies xxx

    Marrwyck [sign in to see picture]
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    Just a quick update.

    Another wash even more dye.

    Have sent pic to Lovehoney and will definitely be returning these shorts.

    Such a shame as I love them :)

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