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    Louise&James wrote:

    I dont get mine dry cleaned anymore. all of thier staff seem to be under 25 year old boys... last time i went i gave the lad at the counter 3 corsets. one had a smallish stain on it and he got his mate for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd lad wore a funny grin and they kept sniggering. then one of them goes whats the stain looks like it will be difficult to remove.... they just kept laughing and looking at each other and i was bored and busy so i just said well lads with underwear like that it's not likely to be custard is it i took them back and left.

    :D well done you

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    M-J wrote:

    Ooh! Will have to have a look at the washing machine and check with customer care Tuesday as it has got plastic bones in it. I'd be gutted if I put it in and ruined it :(
    Thanks everyone xx

    I've got several plastic boned fashion corsets all from different brands, I chuck all of them in the washing machine and hang them out to dry, Just make sure to remove any removable straps/suspender clips! :)

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