1. Ladies: Do you prefer to choose yourself, or get surprised?

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    Have bought on quite a few occasions, always check bra size first tho to make sure. Never bn told that it was a bad choice so far!

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    My lady doesn't like me buying underwear for her, not because she doesn't like my choices, just that she is larger boobed, and therefore needs bras to be comfortable and give support.

    Therefore, we buy underwear for both of us together. She would be willing to wear things like quarter cup bras and peephole bras if they sold them in GG cups (which they don't). So, in order to be saucy, she regularly ends up wearing my favourite knickers (ie none at all!)

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    My OH knows my sizes and we have similar taste in colours so I don’t mind him buying me lingerie at all. It's also fun if he buys me something and says you'll look so hot in that. Even if it's something you'd never normally consider buying, knowing that it turns him on makes you feel amazing.

    There is the embarrassment if it doesn’t fit though. He got me a gorgeous silk teddy slip which I’d had my eye on for ages and it didn’t fit. I’d been stress eating and it was SOOO embarrassing. I was trying it on in floods of tears thinking I was obese. Changed the size the next day and problem solved :p

    So I do like being surprised providing it's just that. I can't hack it if he says "I've got something for you! Oh but you can't have it yet it's a surprise". WHAT. NOT FAIR! My mind will now only focus on what it is your getting me. To be fair the last one was lovely! A Squeal 2 and a Lelo flogger! Xx

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    I prefer him to choose AFTER checking the size etc, he's made a few mistakes with toys etc but with the underwear it's all been delicious.

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