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  1. Feeling to fat to wear undies

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    Thanks horny husband. I'm just finding it had to adjust. I look at women and think they look beautiful no matter what size they are yet when I see my body now I feel horrible. When I look at my old figure in my profile pic back when I used to model I get upset. I know I will never have that figure back and that was body shape I was sexually confident with. I would have happily stood naked a room full of people in those days. Im not sure if its just a body hang up or if its a deeper physiological thing because I'm not the confident out going sexual predator I used to be and maybe I'm Just blaming it all on my physical appearance.
    I'm sure I will sort me head out soon. In the mean time a glass or two of wine is always good for building my confidence when I need it x x

    Old - But not THAT old! [sign in to see picture]
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    Naughty Nurse - congratulations on your second child. !

    You have been given a wonderful gift, a child. But like everything in life, it comes at a price. Your body has been stretched beyond belief, and just like a balloon that has been inflated it does not readily return to it's original tight shape.

    But do not give up. Bodies are better than baloons! The last Mrs Old, the mother to my 2 children, had a figure like you have in your profile pic before she had the children. And like you she felt so disheartened by her shape after the second child. What she did was exercise - and exercise and exercise! - Well OK, she probably did go a bit over the top and it became a bit of an obsession because she wanted the figure back like NOW. And she got it in a very short space of time too. Now, I don't suggest that you should go as far as she did, but what I'm trying to say is don't give up. There is no reason at all why you should not regain your fabulous slim figure, it will just take a bit of hard work and some time. That's the price you must pay for your beautiful baby! Speak to your midwife, unless things have changed dramatically since my children were born she should be able to provide you with information on the best type of exercises to regain your figure.

    Most of all - don't give up. If you want your figure back then go and get it girl !!

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    he still fancies you,its the person that counts not thier size. go enjoy yourselves.

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    Lumps and bumps are nothing to be ashamed of - they're your womanly curves!! Chin up chuckie :)

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    i always remember a boyfriend putting his arms round me during sex and me pulling in my tummy, (never recovered from my babies 20 years ago) and he just said relax its feels really soft and womanly

    ah i swooned and thought how lovely! still not keen on it but whenever having a wobble think of that moment!

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    I was the victim of a sexual assault in 2010, before then i was a confident out going person i use to dance in my underwear on webcam, i loved showing my body off and sex but after the assault ,i hit a very bad low drowing into depression,i lost my self confidence and sex drive, i was placed on medication due to the medication, i went from a confident size 12 upto a size 18 i constantly feel fat and frumpy sex as gone from being naked to being clothed under covers with the lights off my partner reassures me im beautiful and i turn him on but in my head what i see is nothing compared to what he says i am its hard so i understand how you feel i have friends that are bigger then me and they are so beautiful and confident i wish i was like them,people always say size doesnt matter and it doesnt your oh loves you for you and what he sees trust me is very different to what you see try not to get yourself down about it they do say it can take upto a year to get back to pre pregnancy shape huge hugs x and im sure you are going to look amazing in your new underwear

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