1. Dressing up when you are a larger gent?

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    There’s no two ways about it - I’m a long way from my early 20”s and wore 30” waist. These days I’m pushing a 50” waist (but now run three times a week so hope it won’t be forever). I would really like to put on something that would get the wife’s motor running, but I’ve bought the largest size men’s thong on here before and it wasn’t really big enough. There also seems to be very little choice, compared to the myriad of options for ladies of all sizes. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hi achar1, please don't take this in an offensive way, it's not ment to be.

    Ok so I'm thinking a change of tack. Have you considered going down the sensory route, rather than dressing up right now? I'm sure your excersize and running will help and you will shed those pounds in no time. Then you might find more options for outfits.

    I was thinking blind fold her and play with the senses of touch temperature smell etc. Get her turned on in a different way. This may not be what you were thinking but it might be worth considering.

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    Lovehoney recently added one bigger size to some of their mens underwear range. This pair for example https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33876 now has a size that represents a 42” - 48” inch waist so they may fit?

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    Thanks both for your replies. I get your point on the alternative approach, but I just thought there should be more choice for us bigger guys. Everyone should have the chance to dress up? I like the idea of some larger costumes like the fireman, policeman etc. But they are a long way off my size.

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    Oh gosh, a robust, husky man in uniform would get me going like no tomorrow !

    I'd recommend enquiring/requesting in the Pander To Me forum thread. :)

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