1. What do you do with?

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    Hi, first time I've posted and yes this is a stupid question but her goes, I had a huge clear out recently of my lingerie/dressing up outfits, I think it's an age thing but just don't feel comfortable in some of my purchases any longer, although my OH say I still look great, anyway my question is what do other people do with used undies, do you just bin them or sell them? I'm a great one for recycling and all the items are in great conditon but don't feel these are the sort of thing I can send to a charity shop.

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    Put them in a charity recycling bin

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    Firstly Hi and welcome to the forums xx

    A charity recycling bin is a great idea. You could sell them on eBay......sexy dress up outfits and good condition lingerie usually sells really well xx

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    When I had a mahoosive gilt based purge I ebay’d most things which all sold easily and binned a bit as well. What I wish I’d done was put it all up in the loft for an extra year.

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    Most clothing that goes to charity shops isnt actually sold in shops, its sold to recyclers who buy by the weight and its just chopped up and mulched down to raw fiber and remade into something new. Dont worry about what it was they wont even look at it

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    I'd recommend eBay ! As someone who loves basques ect but can't always afford the beautiful things I lust after I'd be inclined to buy from eBay. There's no face to face exchange ( no embarrassment for the buyer or seller) and people get lovely items for a decent price and you get money back to re stock with new things that you feel comfortable in. Win win :-)

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    Thank for all the replies, I'll try eBay. I've never really been that interested in eBay so wasn't really sure if undies sold but I'll give it a go and see what happens.

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