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  1. Any men on here wear bras and knickers.

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    Hi, any men underdress or sleep in bra and knickers, I have been doing it for 4 years now since my wife started dressing me in them, if first started with high leg knickers from mark's then followed by 34a cup bras that she purchased for me, I can actually fill an a cup even though I am fairly slim as have always had small breasts, worst part is that I have been wearing them for that long I actually feel lost when not wearing them and the bra does support my small breasts. Every night I also sleep in bra and knickers with a satin slip\nightie or a lace vest top, my wife jokes that I am not getting in bed till I am dressed appropriately. I now have about 20 different style bras and 40 knickers, all in assorted colours, her favourite on me being either black or pink. 

    It all started with the alice costume from love honey, she originally claimed she purchased it for her but within a few days it was on me, about twice a month I also have to wear this outfit for bed, not that I am complaining as it turns her on.

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    I ocassionally like to wear knickers out and about. I always worry if I get hit by a bus or something though lol.

    Also my girlfrind kinda got me into wearing her girly onesies as she wanted use to both snuggle up in onesies but i didnt own one so she found one of hers that just about fit. Shes talking about stitching in a button up front which should be fun!

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    I love underdressing, but I have to do it in secret when I'm on a day off and my wife is at work. I told her I like wearing them and she did not take it well at all.

    I have found a brand of knickers that don't look paricularly feminine, and I prance about in front of her with those on, without so much as a comment.

    I used to have a 42C Bra, but it was a little on the large side, anyway that went during a purge.

    Next time I'll get a 42 B, as I do have breasts.

    I'd love to be able to underdress every day, with her approval, and I'd love to wear a nightdress to bed with her. I'd love to go shopping for these things together with her, and for her to surprise me with some items sometimes. Even sometimes it would be nice to spend a day off with her as a woman. She is a brilliant wife though, so things are more than OK as is.

    I used to worry about being hit by a bus or having an accident, but it's nobody's business other than mine what knickers I wear. The emergency services have seen it all.

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    maximum turnip wrote:

    I ocassionally like to wear knickers out and about. I always worry if I get hit by a bus or something though lol.

    +1 I'm a female but I always worry about stuff like this, even with wearing toys out

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