1. Another of my silly clothing questions

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    Hi following another thread about waring LH underware underneath Christmas outfits. Was just wondering if anyone would ware a bra with their body stocking?

    I am a 38GG and unfortunately to keep my boobs in place I need to ware a bra which needs to be very supportive and I would never go out in public without one.

    Unfortunately I have never managed to find a bra that fits, is supportive and makes me feel sexy. Sometimes I can get is a nice colour but I just feel frumpy.

    Just wondering if there is any point to something like the body stocking with the ugly bra?

    Ohh well at least I have now found LH sexy knickers.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this


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    Have you ever thought of getting out a needle and thread, buying some lace, and dolling up your existing bra collection.

    I got bored with the leggings I could find, just plain black, and a few terrible colours, so I went down to the local market, bought some lovely floral print jersey, and some crushed velvet in various colours, and made 6 pairs of gorgeous leggings.

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    Hi I'm a similar bra size (was 38F/FF now 36G). And I do know what you mean about wanting to feel your boobs are under control. The siz f my bust means they are not perky and wobble freely without a bra. I'm quite liberal and happy to fell/look this way. I do like a corset, it lifts the bust giving a cleavage and it pinches my waist, but they are not always practical.

    I wear "fantasie" brand bras for everyday wear, and I have recently found a "lapel" bra that is plain black and is described as a comfort bra. It is very comfortable but I feel quite sexy in it.

    I think you need to find a bra that fits you well, and is comfortable. You need to feel sexy. I dont mean it has to be a skimpy bra, just comfortable and well fitting. In my opinion you can be sexy and attractive in almost anything if you feel comfortable. Sexy is a confidence thing.

    So if your not confident with your boobs doing their own thing, then yes by all means wear a bra under the bodystocking. I would wear a pair of knickers (thong etc) if your wearing a bra, just for balance, they could be crotchless or an easily moved thong, so as to not hinder playtime.

    I hope this helps

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    I have exactly the same problem. I have tried cheap ones, expensive ones the lot!

    I personally don't wear any bras with a body stocking ( even though I hate my saggy xl boobs ) because I'm indoors and i this is who I am. Outdoors I wouldn't have the confidence , even under a huge jumper.

    I think as long as the colour matches I wouldn't see it being a problem.. Can't go wrong with black I don't think. X

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    I've worn a plain lacy black bra and black french knickers under a bodystocking. I looked okay, if I don't wear them, I look like a whale cought in fishing net!

    Do what makes you feel comfortable x

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    I usually just go wild and free though I’m only a DD. I do like Alicia’s idea though to doll up some existing bras! I know once you cross into DD+ sizes the choice goes down and the price goes up, but gettin yourself something basic but supportive and adding lace and diamantés to jazz it up seems a good plan!

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    Lovehoney plus size bras are lovely and some would definitely look good under a bodystocking, especially the lace pattern bodystockings. Don't forget that the bodystocking will also have some support itself so maybe you don't need a bra as supportive as you normally wear.
    The bonus of Lovehoney is that you can of course order a few different and try them, if you don't like the result you can return them.

    Bravissimo also do a huge range of larger size bras that are good brands and quality. They may not be super sexy but definitely not ugly and most are really pretty.

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    I have often worn a black bra underneath a bodystocking - often knickers too! If it would make you feel more comfortable, supported and sexy then go for it!

    On the topic of bras - you mentioned that you’ve never found a bra that fits you well. Have you been fitted recently? A professional may be able to help you find some bras that fit well and offer adequate support. A good fit can make all the difference in how you feel in something. Even if the bra is just a plain block colour!

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    I have the very opposite problem and have a very moderate 36C bust. I wore a black body stocking out last night under a dress. Because it looked like my bust had disappeared totally I popped a push-up bra on underneath, then when we arrived home I just nipped straight to the loo and took the bra off. So yes I see no reason not to wear a bra with your stocking x

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    Hi all. Thanks for all the great advice.

    Definitely need to get measured for a new bra I have managed to loose some weight but need to loose more. Back size had gone down but not cup size. Even at my lightest weight i never got under an E cup.I always tend to go to the same place coz of know they fit and give me a bit of support for a short time...but so boaring with big thick straps. I always get measured when I buy a new one.

    I always look at the LH bras and think awww if only! They are gorgeous but don't think they would give me the support I need (I am loving the LH fantasy princess and superhero range but they are just too small)

    I totally love the idea of alice4ever to bling up the bra my self but I just don't have that creative talent (I struggle to sew on a button or hem up trousers)

    I have bought some lovely LH knickers (ruffle bum and pearl thongs) and stockings which I will team up with a matching boaring bra when i am out and just leave body stockings for home.
    Thanks again everyone x

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    Some may consider this blasphemy, so I apologies in advance. But I've cut some LH basques before to make bras. But I was lucky that my basque just happened to be a very good size for me.

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