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  1. Dressing up for sexy fun & completing the outfit

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    NaughtyNerd wrote:

    Very rarely wear shoes. Never felt my outfit was incomplete. Already a little taller than my OH so it gets awkward

    What body u wearing that looks lush xx
    Tazzy84red [sign in to see picture]
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    I hardly ever wear shoes. Hubby is not really into shoes or boots

    silver bullet [sign in to see picture]
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    hell i would be happy just to the wife dress up

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    I don't think I've ever worn shoes and I don't think captain would notice of I did. He doesn't jeep his hands off me long enough to look... 😉

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    My wife is 5'9, I'm 5'10 - so with heels on she's taller than me. Another problem is her legs are 2 inches longer than mine, so she's not totally stable on heels.

    Women who are confident in heels are a complete turn on. Maybe more than anything else - even fully dressed. Something about the upper leg pushing forward against their clothing really does it.

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    My wife allways completes the look with heels total turn on.Brought her a pair of christian louboutinsfrom New York which are only worn in bedroom

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    My wife has an exquisite collection of stripper heels that I've acquired for her over the years. Most of them are 6" heel platform stilettos, a couple of pairs are 7". Unbelievably sexy stuff. They are mainly worn during photo shoots, but I LOVE it when she wears them with one of the many outfits she owns.

    Recently added a pair of crotch high boots - 6" platform stilettos. Zowie. Unbelievably sexy when she wears them, either with, or without an outfit.

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    I love shoes normally but prefer barefoot in the bed room most of the time, purely because my balance a is awful and in very clumsy .although I do have an impossibly high pair of stripper shoes my hubby loves , there's over a foot difference in our height so the shoes help with vertical positions. Depends on the mood really.

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