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    Hi all

    a couple of quick questions, do you like the way the new lingerie and men's underware section has been tweeked

    my next question is we're is all the men's underware disappearing to it looks like there is a lot less and less different styles, is this because there is less demand or are lh bringing out more and new designs. I hope it's the latter as all the underwire I have purchased is comfortable sexy and I just plain like it as does my oh when I'm wearing it any thoughts on the matter.

    maybee Leanne could enlighten us all TKs in antisipation

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    A lot of the women's underwear has disappeared recently too. It's just the time of year where they clear out all the old stock and bring in new stuff.

    If you want to request more men's stuff for LHM then request it on the pander to me thread. I'm sure they will be adding more to that line at some point. Leanne can't say what may or may not be being stocked though. She can just axknowledge the request and put it forward to the buyers or designers :)

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    Hi natandTom

    i thought that might be the case, I hope they bring out some new stuff soon it's looking a bit bare in the men's department no pun intended oh maybe a little bit, thanks for the response though.

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