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    I know this is going to sound horribly naive... My boyfriend and I are very open and adventerous in the bedroom and we love trying out toys and new things. I know he loves my body, and I'm very confident in my appearance.

    I wear nice, lacy lingerie most of the time, but I've never delved into lingerie that's overtly for sex. I'm talking about crotchless panties, 1/4 cup bras, body stockings, novelty underwear, that kind of thing. I'm just unsure about when I should wear it. Should I be wearing that kind of thing under my clothes when I see him and wait to surprise him with them, or excuse myself and put it on when the mood gets heated?

    I don't know if it would be uncomfortable to wear under clothes for a long time, or if it's stupid to just put on sexy gear only to take it right back off again. I'd feel a bit silly going to the bathroom and coming back wearing something completely different... Some experienced guidance and advice would be massively appreciated!

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    I have worn bodystockings and suspender belts with stockings, crotchless underwear and open cup bras under clothes, but things such as chemises, basques and babydolls, I wear to surprise him when he comes over or whenever else I feel like it. I've gone into the bathroom and changed on a few occasions, whilst I may have felt silly the first time, his reaction was so good that I've been happy to do it again.

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    For me & the OH it doesn't matter when she puts her sexy underwear on. Sometimes she'll answer the door in it or when we see each other at the weekends, I'll go to hers, she'll be dressed sexy in normal clothes, skinny leggings, heels, revealing top. We'll have a few drinks, chat, maybe have dinner then we'll put some porn on to get us super turned on, then she'll go & put her gear on. Most of the time, we've both decided what she's gonna wear beforehand. For us this doesn't take any of the excitement away at all.

    We wanna go out for a meal with her wearing suspenders underneath or go to the shops with her wearing a long jacket with a full lingerie set on underneath, the thought that no one knows turns us both on.

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    I often wear crotchless bodystockings or crotchless knickers under my normal clothes as I can tease my husband by letting him know what I'm wearing but he's unable to act upon it!

    Basques, babydolls etc... I keep for home use and often say I'm off for a shower or something similar before bed so I can pop something on and surprise him.

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    I wear crotchless panties under my clothes sometimes and I find them comfortable.

    I have some crotchless tights for Christmas day to tease him with.

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    I've gone out with the full works under my clothes...... basque, stockings and suspenders . I regularly wear crotchless knickers under my every day clothes just please myself really.

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    It all boils down to comfort and what I'm planning to wear at that time (outer clothes). I always wear sexy undies anyway as in bras and thongs just because they are what I prefer and I shudder at the thought of a pair of greying cotton pants, but that's just me. 😊

    Ok back to what you asked, sometimes I will wear the whole shebang under my clothes, providing there isn't going to be any obvious signs from my outer clothing for example , bumps from suspenders under a bodycon skirt and black under white clothing. In those circumstances I will do a quick change. It all depends upon practicality. On a night out I may go without knickers or slip them off in the loos and put them in my bag. 😊 I don't have any crotchless but would love some and wouldn't have a problem wearing them at any time.

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