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    Funny old world!

    40 years ago when wifey (then girlfriend) used to come and stay with me at my parents house, (seperate bedrooms by the way) I used to always walk around with a pair of jeans on with no top on, and she used to say that she loved me going about like that and I always looked good.

    Very similar now, except because of the hot weather I'm either in a small pair of swimming trunks or a thong. I do wear a vareity of thongs when we go out in the evening, but always show her what I am wearing before I put my jeans or shorts on, just so that she knows I have made an effort, and let her mind go into overdrive.

    She is also very good. I am a boob man, and she will wear push up bra's and reasonable low/tight tops when we go out with friends etc. If I am lucky, when we go out on our own she will wear a 1/4 cup bra, so I get an eyefull of her nipples as well.

    Very Lucky Guy!

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    definately character dress up for me i would walk the streets like that if i could, my fave to dress up in is military, but i like a guy dressed up with nothing on except socks a tie some glasses and one of those hats that have the ear hangy thingys and longish back panel

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    I love it when my wife puts on stockings or bodystockings, high heels, french maid or naughty nurse costume.

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    mysteron wrote:

    wildflower wrote:

    I like to dress up in either sexy lingerie or maybe an outfit such as school girl or french maid depending on what we're doing .

    But unfortunately my husband isn't into dressing up himself , just wears regular boxers . I'd love to see him all dressed up as a fireman or policeman but don't think that will ever happen ....think he just feels a bit self conscious to do that and I don't feel it would be fair to push him into

    Next time he does his DIY jobs around the house , slip a hard hat on him and visivest and just say , these are for health and safety reasons

    Tel him, you never know he may surprise you Wildflower. I always fancied dressing up as a French maid, thought why not, bought the outfit from Lovehoney, along with Black hold ups, and I really love wearing it. xx

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    Personally it depends on the occasion, roleplay is something we do less often, something special. Sexy lingerie can be more of an everyday thing.

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    Sexy and skimpy lingerie is always good. Also with those who like the sexy secretary look. Police woman and nurse is something I'd also like my other half to try 😋

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    Love it when the wife buts on a costume with sexy lingerie.

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