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  1. Stockings/Suspenders

    Banannabelsplit [sign in to see picture]
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    Bedroom use only, but I'd love to gather up the courage to wear them out in public.

    Hold ups or suspenders? Why not both? But if I had to choose, hold ups for sure ^.^

    KeptLocked [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm a lucky man as my OH wears stockings day to day as well as in the bedroom. She doesn't wear skirts or dresses much during work dats but at weekends and work days when she doesn't need to wear trousers she'll wear them.

    She also has found that the waspie type suspender belts work best for her as other more skimpy ones feel like they are falling down. She also often wears a belt with hold ups to give double reassurance.

    FirstTimeLovers [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't mind about public but LOVE to see them in the bedroom! Theres nothing more I love to see a woman wearing, and thats saying something because i love glasses as well.

    For me I probably prefer suspenders but i don't mind hold ups either. As for leave them on or off it depends on how the mood takes me, love them on but the act of taking them off can be so sexual as well.

    ToGildALily [sign in to see picture]
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    Both in and out the bedroom. If my skirt is long enough stockings are great for daily use. I have a fantastic six strap suspender belt which is so comfortable. Stockings are practical but can be so sexy. Proper fully fashioned ones are the business, just expensive. Boyfriend loves them, was shocked but surprised when he found I wear them at work!

    outlaws [sign in to see picture]
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    Bexy wrote:

    Definitely for day to day wear. I can't stand tights so it's stockings all the way for me. Using a good, solid suspender belt with metal clasps and preferably six or more straps is the key to comfort and security.

    People have mentioned the clips pinging off when they've tried wearing belts. In my experience, this only happens when you either have plastic clasps on the straps or you over tension the suspender straps (make them too short).

    I personally find stockings to be very comfortable, hygienic and practical and they feel a good degree more secure than hold ups.

    Oh, and yes, they often stay on in the bedroom although my day to day attire isn't quite as sexy as some of the bedroom kit! 😉

    Exactly as you say, buy a decent wide belt that doesn't slip down with wide straps and good metal clasps..

    I never wear tights except the thick wooly ones with a short skirt in the winter. Wearing stockings when shopping or an evening out makes me feel good with a naughty secret! With a tight skirt the tell tell signs of the clips also make the older gent think, Is she? Isn't she wearing stockings? and with a flowing/sticky out dress gives me a feel of 50's glamour. Even without all the above benifits I find them as Bexy said comfortable, hygienic and practical. also the 70/80 denier stockings are good for the chillier months Try it, it's fun!

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