1. Why is it?????

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    So looking at some male lace pants like this say; http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33720

    then looking at some girls lace pants like this say; http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32340

    The girls is £3 the guys is £12? why? they're almost the same, might as well just buy the girls ones?

    What do you think?

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    The girl ones are lovely but they do have a very narrow crotch area which is quite loose fitting.....think you may fall out ! The male ones are designed to keep everything in place.

    Seems shame that they are so much more expensive though x


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    Market forces,Womens lingerie out sells male undies .

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    I can see what you mean, and if you just want them for occasional wear, the girl ones might be suitable, but as Terri says the girl ones will have a much narrower crotch area. The guy ones are specifically designed to accommodate and support the male form so are a safer bet and are much more likely to be comfortable for everyday or prolonged wear. To be fair, the girl ones are only £3 because they're in an insanely good sale at the moment too, but I understand your point :)

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    I find it kinda odd. As a woman i would buy the flirty range (and i have done, i love them!) and they are a bargain for me as i wear them for everyday wear.

    My husband has a few pairs of sexy undies, but he prefers his regular plain everyday cheap boxers for work. His sexy undies he only puts on when hes in the mood for them and to have sex. So he would never pay £12 for them knowing they wont get much use.

    It seems especially worse since as mentioned, some of the designs are so similar! I cant fathom why the mens cost more.

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    Ladies ones are on sale :) +1 to Terri and Skitty regarding the crotch!

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    Supply and demand. Acres of ladies lacy pants on the market, don't want to overprice otherwise it's all too easy to buy them somewhere else.

    Male lacy pants much more of a niche market, and if you have less options, you're forced to pay higher prices :/

    Up to you which you buy, depends how you want them to fit around your little friend :)

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    To be fair, the original price of the ladies is 8 pounds, but they are on sale. So there is less difference when they are on full price.

    But it is likely slightly more materials used, plus lesser demand, which makes it slightly more expensive for you to buy it.

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    I buy the ladies ones every time, and just to add my input I have never had any problem with supporting my manhood in ladies underwear, except with the thong type that I don't buy anyway.

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    The ladies' boyshort is so simply made that £ 3 is almost too much... (there's a lot more work in the bikini knickers which are sold at the same price...)

    For there's an enormous difference between the two models linked in the first post: The woman's version is a strip of polyester lace fabric, cut off at an angle at both ends, sewn together with a little gusset sewn in in the crotch area (at least that's what the pair I have here in L/XL looks like - flat on the table it looks very different from the product presentation photos). The male version has (elastic?) bands in the waist and around the thighs (you may like them or not - but putting them in is work and thus costs money) and there's the pouch for the genitals, which requires a few seams as well. So a certain price difference between the two is justified.

    But mainly I think that popk1n nailed it: Niche product, few suppliers = high price.

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    Oh well guess I'll just have to pay-for-what-I-get?

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    Buy ladies panties, I find that if you get the right size they hold me in no problem. They are so much better and feel sexy on.

    I also have lace male boxers as well, and the price although high from Lovehoney, is well worth it as the quality is excellent, and they fit very well.

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