1. Do you share your lingerie? What are your top picks?

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    Hey everyone!

    Just interested to get a little bit of feedback from you all about lingerie sharing. 

    Do you and your partner find that there are certain styles, products, or brands that work best for both of you?

    Do you shop together, or buy lingerie with the intention of both of you being able to wear it?

    What is it that you look for when you're buying lingerie that you can both wear?

    If you know that your partner cross-dresses or enjoys wearing lingerie, is there anything that would put you off sharing your collection with them?

    Whatever your thoughts or experiences, let me know.




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    We tend to shop for lingerie together . She likes my input and unlike some blokes I can go into a lingerie shop without feeling embarrased. We also brows Lovehoneys lingerie section as well but its all for her to wear and not me . Although her silk stuff I do ike it against my skin .

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    We both shop together for lingere we find it sexy when we do and both like the same sort of thing but are different sizes so don't wear each other's my OH does like it when I dress up and sometimes she picks items out she would like me to wear it all adds to a sexy relationship.

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    We do shop for Lingerie together, but only to buy for her. If the mood strikes when in the bedroom she will get something out for me to wear, but when buying, it is purely for her.

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    We do shop together sometimes, but usaually we choose stuff for ourselves. Sharing lingerie does not happen very often as we have different tastes, and apart from nickers we are very different sizes.

    I do shop for lingerie on my own, why not, a shop is open to take money regardless of who is spending so why some mem find lingerie shopping enbarrasing is a mystery to me.

    Me wearing lingerie is nothing unusual as I do not have any male underwear or nightwear and haven't had for years, so I suppose we just don't think about the sexual side anymore.

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    Sometimes we shop together for lingerie or less it going to be a presant. But we don't share underwear it would only be for ourselves when purchasing it. Mostly we buy lovehoney own brand lingerie as prefer your range of underwear. I do like LHM brand of boxers looking foward to more items being added to the range but generally would buy more lingerie for my wife.

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    Do you and your partner find that there are certain styles, products, or brands that work best for both of you? We both like Lovehoney's own branded lingerie. We both gravitate towards darker colours and both like classic styles of underwear, such as full boxers or babydolls. We prefer minimal detail for his pieces (i.e non tacky branding) and something a little bit more interesting for me. For example, the mix of blue and black in the Enchant Me range or the mix of Microfibre and Lace in the Adore Me range. We don't share underwear, but we do pick out things together that we both like the look of. :)

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    Mrs P. hates shopping and wouldn't go out to buy lingerie, but I'm a total enthusuast and buy for both of us. Quite often we can share though in general, once it's given to Mrs. P it stays with her.

    Last year she sufddenly decided most of her pants were too tight, so I was able to go through my undies and give her several sets with bigger pants (lucky for her, as I'm smaller on the hips now) and smaller bras that were tighter on me.

    But Mrs P.'s undie drawer still has loads of old stuff in it that doesn't fit her any more, or has just worn out. I sort my own out regularly (the bra bank loves me!)

    Neither of us is particularly into the sharing aspect, and we'd rather die than wear the same. But our joint experience shapes what I buy. I tend to be fitted for bras, and keep track of how my size and shape differs from Mrs. P's, so I can buy her undies more reliably.

    I'm on my own with stockings. Mrs P. doesn't wear them and doesn't like to see me in them, either. I just wear them on my own ...


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    My OH likes to tell me what he likes and sometimes picks out items but in general I have final say to make sure it fits. He does not wear any of my lingerie and sharing / cross dressing is not his / our thing.

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    I love nice underwear particularly lace, soft and stretchy lace is my favourite. I love blue, purple, red black and yellow colours. My OH has no interest in shopping. He isn't involved in our sex toy shopping or my underwear shopping, it's all down to me. He does however enjoy my purchases (in an admiration all way). Crossdressing is not his thing, and to be honest even though I'm a plus size I doubt my underwear would fit him.

    I do have friends that crossdress. A gay couple that I'm good friends with shop together for toys and underwear, but only one of them wears the ladies range of undies. They decide together which purchases to make. If they both crossdresed they still wouldn't share clothes as they have very different tastes in what they like to be in. Man A likes lace satin and silk, while man B likes cotton and Lycra, so very different tastes.

    I hope this helps.


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    In general i wear boyshorts or cage knickers. I find these styles the most flattering while still having the comfort factor. I haven't been in a relationship where my lingerie has been loaned by a male. I enjoy wearing my partners dark coloured boxers because they feel ever so cosy and they look smart on its usually after sex I slip into a pair

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    We wear each others jeans all the time, i also wear his shirts although they are a litte over sized. I usually shop for my lingerie myself as i like to surprise him with it on "date nights". He buys me some too, anything he thinks i will like or sometimes just coz he likes it. I got him to dress up in my stockings, suspenders and knickers once. Hes got great legs, looked soooo sexy, loved it!

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