1. Do you wear latex? Why / Why not?

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    I don't wear latex, but I love everything about it, and have done for many years since my teens. My wife is happy to wear it for my (our) pleasure. At a size 16/18 it can be hard to find the right sizes of some items for her, and she wasn't up for it to start with. But when she saw the reaction she soon came around :)

    I love...

    ...the appearance of the shiny skin-tight material hugging every curve, PVC isn't quite the same.

    ..the smell, but not if the latex has been chlorinated. It takes away most of the rubber smell and leaves a worse smell than bleach behind.

    ...the feel against my skin.

    ...and lastly the sound of latex when the wearer is moving around in it. Even better if I'm restrained and blindfolded while she is putting on the catsuit!

    Strictly a home only thing though.

    Latex isn't that difficult to put on with practise, although we wouldn't buy a catsuit with attached feet and gloves. Make sure finger nails are trimmed and rings are removed before putting on gloves.A light dusting of talc or Pjur dressing aid on the inside, and silicone lube or latex shiner on the outside and you're all set. Wash garments in warm soapy water, and dry and talc to stop them sticking to themselves after use and keep out of direct sunlight and they last for years.

    Most of the items I've bought come from Ebay, as there is a good choice of gloves, stockings and loads more at varying prices. We also have a metallic purple catsuit from a seller called "latexfantasys" and blue latex skater style dress bought from a small online retailer called LJLatex (which seems to have gone now). We do plan to buy more (or course) and are looking at Latex Catfish (Chinese, low-ishprice), Libidex (mid price range) and Rubber Eva (high price range). If I won the Lottery I'd go straight to Westward Bound. Latex Liaisons is good site if you want to get started with latex, they sell a range of "2nds" which have slight imperfections to the finish but would give you a chance to buy a lower price to get a feel for it. Some of the stuff is perfect once shined.

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    Can't say that I've ever found latex at all attractive. Not my kind of thing. To each their own. I prefer the feel of skin on skin quite a lot.

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    Me and my OH have recently started spicing up our sex life, buying the odd toy and sexy lingerie from LH.
    We've recently bought a few wetlook items but I would really like to get her some latex items - I find them irresistible but understand they are high maintenance and difficult to put on/take off.
    I really like the look of the rubber girl open bust garter and wondered what people's thoughts were on this as a good starter? It has has really good reviews and think paired with some nice gloves and boots this would be to die for.
    Any tips on latex and what and should buy with it, lubes etc... would be welcomed.

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    Love all my latex and rubberwear. You just can't beat the way it feels on the skin and it really arouses me.

    You do need to look after your items to ensure a long life so it is worth reading care guides and how to best put on your items.

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    dont wear laytex or rubber knickers

    just dont like the feel off them and they become too hot

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