1. Sexy bodysuits and teddies

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    Hi everyone!

    As the resident Lovehoney lingerie expert, I'm looking for a little feedback from you all when it comes to the world of teddies, bodysuits, and playsuits.

    Do you enjoy wearing them in the bedroom? If you do, what is it that you like about them? If you're not a fan, what is it that you find off-putting?

    Whatever your thoughts, just leave a comment and let me know.



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    I love my oh in bodysuits. For me it's the crotch poppers for quick entry that do it. For my oh though she likes that they can easily be worn under any clothing and also comfy to sleep in.

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    I didn't see the point of them until I got one as a tester. Then I saw the appeal! The one I have hugs my figure perfectly and has sexy fisnet and lace bits. I don't think I'd like one that didn't have "sexy" elements like this - too plain and there is no point imo.

    The only issue I found was that mine was not crotchless or had an open crotch, so I had to remove it when we got down to action, so I would prefer one where you could have an open crotch in some way.

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    I own a couple of lace bodysuits which I love. I do like bodysuits that have poppers by the crotch rather than a hole cut out. Statement colors like black and burgundy in mesh, wet look or lace would appeal to me. I also like them to be sized as opposed to one size - an item being one size would put me off as they generally don't fit me properly.

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    I love bodysuits, and I do thimk they are very sexy. I would also prefer a bodysuit that has poppers rather than being crotchless. I love black / purple / lace / wet look / or fishnet :) xx

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    Honestly bought my first bodysuit because of Lovehoney and this forum or I never would have tried one. LOVE IT, super sexy and I was shocked how well it hides "flaws" With those i prefer a crotchless or a open crotch because it is not sexy to try to take those off.

    With teddies please have a snap crotch! I love the look of them as well and like there there is some stretch or adjustable straps for a good fit.

    I find the ones that are not adjustable can sometimes fit poorly and hang in the crocth (not sexy) or hang stragly at the bust (also not cute).

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    I absolutely love a body suit!!

    I have so many of them I could probably go a month without repeating one.

    I think it's because they really are strictly sex in so many ways compared to something frilly like a babydoll which just feels like a nightie to me. My OH gets to see everything and yet all of it is covered at the same time. Plus, it takes half the time to put on compared with all the fiddling about with bows or suspenders that you get on other lingerie types. You can wear this as a split second decision rather than having to pre-plan! They travel really easily as well, which is a plus for me. Also, I'm partial to the crotchless type for the sake of ease which is somewhat harder to find in a teddy or playsuit.

    If you don't get one that fits absolutely perfectly, however, they instantly make you feel totally unsexy because of how tight they need to be. I'm plus size so this can be an issue.

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    I don't have any, I do have a couple of body stockings. x

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    Only thing I can add to the great comments already made is as a plus size mother of 2 I prefer something that covers my tummy but is revealing in other areas :)

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    The problem i have with bodysuits is the popper fastening the ones i have are fiddly and hard to snap in place would prefer something that's easy to fasten, teddies the only one i have i love but it's too long in the body because of my height

    i don't really see them as bedroom wear i wouldn't rule them out though

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    I love teddies, lace preferably. Not halter neck.

    plus size and blue, black, red, purple and dark green are all good colours.

    i don't like them crotchless there doesn't seem much point, underwired is good but MUST be big cups as I'm an F/FF cup size. Non underwired soft lace cups are good too.

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    As from a male point of view, l like my oh wearing them. She feels so sexy when I rub my hands down them, then pop the poppers, yep heeee.
    Also l like wearing them smooth and sexy feel.

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    something besides black as well...i own WAY too much black but love darker colours like purple and blues.

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    Hello I havant had one yet but just looking threw the stocking body suits really get me going,would love to try one,I think what ever your size it wouldn't matter you would look great in them.x

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    Hellooo ^_^

    I love them! It took me a while o get into them as I felt self-cncious in them but now I adore wearing them, I like that you can wear them as outerwear and the different patterns they can come in as well as sleeve-length, neck line, and the majority of them are black which is a bonus for me. I like dressing them up or down depending on my mood ^_^

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    Thanks for all of your messages everyone - it's been really handy, and much appreciated :)

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    Body stockings and catsuits would be more sensuous if they could be made out of Wolfords Satin Touch or Neon 40. Most are made out of a courser nylon, but I'm still trying to find that perfect feel.

    Any suggestions?

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