1. Who goes commando and why?

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    sussannee wrote:

    im not too fond of inners regularly. love to be without panties it kinda gives a naughty feeling :)

    also my skin is sensitive, so particularly after shaving it off i prefer not to have the panty on few days.

    and ofcourse .. sleep time ...all naked and comfy !!

    It's had for a cat to go commando........so if you need a warm body, I could keep you warm........
    sugarboobies2232 [sign in to see picture]
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    I know my man does like to go commando from time to time. He used to do it at work but found due to his heavy work trousers it just got irritated and if he was flying low without realising.. lol

    Sometimes I go without from time to time. I do it for mainly comfort if I've had a bad attack of thrush or recently waxed. All depends! I feel sexier wearing sexy underwear and I do when I don't wear any at all

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    I prefer commando as if the mood takes you unexpectadly you dont have to mess around taking underwear down or off,i can get straight into the action

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    I like tight underwear like really tight briefs! Or my favourite are man thongs. I spend a lot of time at home underwear less and love it (I am atm while writing this)

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    A couple of years ago I hadn't worn boxers for about 10 years but started wearing them again, not sure why I started wearing them again but just did, I stopped wearing them because they annoyed me!

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    Often around house, after a shower , I'll put on a t shirt & track trousers say. Then if I need to pop out to shops I just do. No big deal really, find it very comfortable.

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