1. Advice on Wet Look Hold Ups

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    I'm looking for some Wet Look hold ups for my wife. Must be hold ups, not stockings.

    I have them narrowed down to:




    My wife is only 5ft 6 and slim, only a size 8/10

    I'm somewhat put off of the Coquette ones because of their sizing, one size fits all, sizes 8 to 14 whereas the Legs Avenue ones are sized 8/10. The whole point of these is to fit nice and tight so they look really sleek. I don't want them to be baggy.

    So although the Legs Avenue ones seem to be the best size, I prefer the Coquette ones in appearence.

    Does anyone have any of these? Are the Coquette ones really going to be a good fit for the smallest wearers?

    I know I can laways send them back, but they are for a surprise whilst we are on holiday so if they don't fit well, even if we can send them back, some of the effect will be lost.

    Any advice welcome, Thanks

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    Read some of the reviews - I read the first page on the last pair you linked and found out that they fit someone of a size six and someone of a size 12 so I think they would fit just fine!

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    I reviewed the coquette ones with the zip in a way your clothes sizing isn't that vital you have to go by how fat your thighs are if you have slimer thighs like i did at the time of reviewing they may slide down a bit with your wife being much taller than i am that probably wont be such an issue

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