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  1. Braless

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    I can't stand wires, so frigging uncomfortable.

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    Kinkfactor wrote:

    I own quite a few vest tops with secret support built into them... Or try a boob tube type top that is nice and tight so holds everything in place a bit better? Go for it girl! X

    This is what I do most of the time, and I go braless with the right dress. I'm 30/32E/F and the only time I've had comments on it was in a pervy way when I studied in Turkey (then I started wearing bras more often or just more layers to hide it), and in a complementary way in a gay bar.

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    I'm not at Uni but I do study lingerie. And breasts. Other than that I have nothing to add to this conversation.

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    Lady Ness wrote:

    Purring-Pussy wrote:

    Due to being braless most of the day, mine have started to sag. I'll wear one when out, but sometimes if i'm nipping to the shops, I won't bother with one. My weight is up and down at the moment. I can be anthing from a 40E at my smallest to a 40ff /42E. It's mainly my back size that chainges, making the cup size smaller.

    I'm lucky that they don't give me backache, but my boobs seem small compared to some of you ladies!

    I've spoken to someone who has studied lingerie at uni and apparently research shows that sagging boobs isn't due to someone wearing a bra, basically if it's going to happen it's going to happen with or without a bra.

    Although it'll be interesting to see if there's more research on it =).

    Mine haven't sagged and even after breast feeeding I still have very perky firm boobs. But I may just be lucky and have that particular type =). I've been braless almost everyday for about 5 years now.

    There was someone a french man i think who spent years doing research about womens boobs and found that the boobs of women who didn't wear a bra sagged less than those of women who wore a bra every day

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    I love my bras! They're so pretty and I think they make my bosoms look nicer.... partners tend to disagree, of course. Luckily for them I have sensitive nipples, so I usually agree to take the bra off. :)

    I can't imagine going out without a bra on. I'd feel very..... jiggly!!

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    Holly Love wrote:

    Zerlina wrote:

    If you are an E cup or less, and you want something in the middle, the Bravado Body Silk bras are amazingly comfortable. They're maternity bras, although they come with a kit to convert them to ordinary bras, and they have no underwires or rigid sections, they're stretchy all over. Pretty good support, too. I can't wear underwired or ordinary softcup bras due to chronic pain (every single bra that poor woman in Bravissimo brought me resulted in ARGGGH GET IT OFF ME), and I adore these things. If I really don't want to wear a bra, though, I go for a tight-fitting cotton camisole top.

    I like the sound of these but I'm a bIt big for them at FF/G. I don't mind underwire it would just be nice to have a break from being constricted but not just around the house In my lounging around baggy t shit and pants. I'd love to be able to feel free on a night out.

    If you're a couple of cup sizes over, you bulge out slightly in the cleavage area but they're comfortable otherwise. I've done that before, it was better than the alternatives for me (I can't wear ordinary bras at all due to chronic pain). The Superbra from Fertile Mind goes up to bigger cup sizes and is half the price, although it's higher cut, gives less support, and only comes in a small/medium or a medium/large. It has its place, though.

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    I'm not big but a 34DD and never go without a bra.Even when I'm home but I think I may now start thanks to the opinions of you lovely ladies 😀

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    Have a search on Amazon or Google for bras that have no underwires. I have one and it is heavenly!

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