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  1. Wedding lingerie


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    Also, I've just spotted this item on here in the last couple of days and it made me think of you and your thread:
    I find it to be quite nice and suitable for the occasion. But I still think that my other suggestion for the bride is the most beautiful lingerie I've seen in a while. :)

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    Not full lingerie, but this would be a lovely and welcome piece on any lady's wedding day.

    As for lingerie for her to wear under her gown, I think an underbust corset / waspie or maybe a body stocking would be the least invasive (and might actually have a practical purpose in addition to being absolutely sexy).

    This is not white, but it's so so sexy and romantic. It won't interfere with her bra plans so that's one less restriction there.

    This one really depends on how revealing her wedding gown is, but I like how it's a sexy little extension of some innocent white stockings that she might have been planning on wearing anyway.

    As for lingerie to be worn after the wedding (maybe as a surprise romantic gift!), I think something made of silk / satin / lace would be nice. I love these because while they're not traditionally white, they just exude this romantic sexiness.

    As for you, I know that I would just melt if I saw my fiance in any of these:

    Congratulations on the wedding! c:

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