1. Thoughts on boyfriend wearing thongs?

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    I asked him about them and he said he wears them mostly as he doesnt like bigger underwear like shorts and they just feel comfortable to him. He said wears them most days except if he is going to the gym. He has a good body and they do look pretty good on him so I don't mind.

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    Noo.. not for me at all, its not really a turn on for me and he is perfectly comfortable in his boxers. I guess it would be more of a turn on to see my man in some tighter fitted boxers (bum heaven).

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    Well I've my red and black lace ones on today, ,,

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    Go Go thong!

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    (To be clear, this post relates to a boyfriend wearing male thongs, which are shaped to accommodate the relevant parts.) I was interested to discover that some people have difficulty with this concept, perhaps because thongs have traditionally been considered to be female attire, and so I post to help provide another point of view.

    Until recently, I had not envisaged myself is such things, but I had the need for some 'special occasion' briefs and thought, 'Why not?' I was glad that I did. My OH was greatly surprised - and delighted - when she saw me in the Male Power Animal Print Wonder Thong; it was a new direction for me and one she had not previously imagined I would take. When, some weeks later, she discovered their Stretch Lace Sexy Thong on me, she was thrilled!

    So, if you have reservations about the male thong (from either perspective), but have not tried it, please do give it a go. I find both items comfortable (the animal print a little more so), the snug fit is fun, and the pouch provides a good shape.

    Should you still not be quite ready to try out thongs, the Envy Sheer Sexy Male Briefs may be a way towards them; they are something of a half-way house and I found that they also made a good impression.

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    I wear a mixture of thongs and short shorts depending on my mood on the day but thongs ceratinly get more use in the summer. My wife likes me in both so I'm happy either way! I believe that more men than care to admit do actually wear thongs.

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    I've tended to see that male thongs are called "strings" to avoid confusing people but sites differ. I wear strings/thongs and jockstraps mainly because I want something under what I'm wearing and it's not suitable for full boxers. Normally something tight fitting like a zentai. It's not a sexual thing for me but it helps break up the outline down there for modesty.

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    My husband started to wear thongs about 5 years ago which was a surprise and nothing I had really thought about. He had always worn boxer / brief type and decided to get some new undies and buy a thong for a holiday. He said they were comfortable and just started to wear them more often and I think he wears them most of the tme now. At first I thought it was a little strange but its fine by me it thats what he likes.

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    I wouldn't mind I think it could be quite nice as a change from boxers but his comfort would be the main priority! If your man liked them and is comfortable in them I say good for him x

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    They. Are. Awesome.

    'nuff said.

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    Well I tend to wear thongs on a daily basis. Occasionally will wear a jockstrap or boxer/trunks.

    But defo not a fan of traditional loose fitting boxers.

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    As a guy ive never tried wearing them before, would be open to it just like everything else in the bedroom

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    I would want and encourage my partner to wear what he (or she) wants to, what he's confortable in and what makes him feel sexy. If that's a thong, I absolutely approve. And of course I personally would want to wear the underwear that I feel pretty in. However if I got to choose what he wore, it would have to be a nice tight fitting pair of boxers ;)

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    I'd have no problem with it☺

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    My first kinky underwear i bought was a thong,I surprised my OH by given her a sneaky peek down the pub and she loved it,Ive not worn a thong for ages though.

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